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Accessing an Oracle Forms application from an iPhone!

I'm sitting here writing an article on Mobile application development so its a nice coincidence that this post came up from Oraplayer.  Its a reasonable questions to ask: you've a key application running Oracle Forms, but with more and more demand for mobile access to applications, how could you expose this application to a mobile device.  The first thing to be clear on is that Forms won't run ON the actual mobile device.  The second thing is, not all "typical" Forms screens would make sense on a tiny mobile phone screen, so you really have to be clear on the use case here.

So rather than performing some complex order entry on a phone, I'm probably more likely to want to check or update the status of an order.  It turns out that the Oraplayer solution has a neat way of first of all recording which fields on the Form you would want to "mobilize", and then it creates a web service to access those fields.  The web service can then be deployed and accessed, just like any old web service, from a mobile device using a technology like ADF Mobile.

So, rather and ripping and replacing your Forms application just because it limits you to "back office" data entry, you now have a shiney new mobile access channel to offer to your employees/customers! 

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  • Sim Terico Monday, July 8, 2013

    Hi. When you say "The first thing to be clear on is that Forms won't run ON the actual mobile device." this actually also applies to the normal Forms Client on Windows - the Forms application itself always runs on the server.

    But there is another solution beside screen redevelopment or process recording - ThinForms (www.talkingbyte.com) has implemented a HTML5/javascript based Forms client, which runs in any modern browser (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android). It just needs a proxy server in between which translates from Oracle Server messages format to ThinForms Message format (field locations, mouse/key strokes, etc).

  • Grant Ronald Monday, July 8, 2013

    Looks a neat idea...

  • Carl Mey Thursday, September 19, 2013

    There is an online demo of the mentioned ThinForms Application for whoever is interested: http://www.thinforms.com/startdemo


  • guest Monday, August 18, 2014

    Interesting development on the Oracle Forms@Android front:

    There is now an Android app to run Oracle Forms natively on Android devices. It's from the same developers as the previous ThinFroms Server solution.

    Found in Google Play:


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