Monday Jul 07, 2014

10 New Videos Released in Official Oracle MAF training

I've just release the next 10 episodes of the official Oracle MAF online training series.  That brings us up to a total of 25 videos so far with another 10 (on data and web services) being release next week.  You can access the YouTube channel at this link.  If you want to get up to speed on the technology underpinning Oracle's mobile strategy, this is where you need to be.


Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

Oracle Mobile Application Framework now Live!

You may have started to hear a buzz on the blogs about the release of Oracle Mobile Application Framework, for building on-device mobile applications. You can read the full story here.  To give you the full story about Oracle MAF there are two additional key learning resources you may be interested in.

For the Oracle Mobile Platform YouTube channel we are planning on release a full, totally free Oracle MAF training course delivered by key Oracle experts.  Over 50 episodes will be released, the first 10 of which are up on the channel now.  So get learning!

Tuesday May 20, 2014

UKOUG Tech 2014 Conference -Last chance to attend for free!

The deadline for submitting papers for the UKOUG Tech 2014 conference has been extended for a few more days.  This is a great conference with some great speakers and  its free to attend if you are presenting!  That's why I've submitted!

Friday May 16, 2014

Oracle ADF Sweden, Norway and Denmark - links for all the delegates

I had a brilliant couple of days teaching ADF and ADF mobile in Sweden, Norway and Denmark this week and as usual, I got asked for a copy of my slides. However I feel the slides are often worth a lot less without the presenter so instead I thought I would point to links which gives you the same information but in much more digestible format.

For the broad material on learning Oracle ADF I recommend the following


For the Forms content we covered


ADF Mobile content


Friday May 09, 2014

Attend UKOUG 2014 Conference for Free!

The UKOUG is one of my favorite conferences of the year: local, good size, GREAT presentations.  If you want to attend this conference FOR FREE all you have to do is submit a paper and get accepted!  The call for papers is open and there are only a couple of weeks left to get your ideas in.  Any war stories, experiences, or if you feel you've a bit of technical expertise you'd like to share then get your ideas in.

Database, PL/SQL, ADF, Apex, Forms, security, cloud, mobile, UX are all hot topics for the Development stream, but its up to you if you think you have an interesting story to tell others.

I've submitted three already! 

Tuesday May 06, 2014

Free ADF and Mobile Training Around Europe 2014

For those of you, or in your organization, who are looking to get a quick start of Oracle ADF knowledge, or are looking to better understand Oracle's mobile strategy, I will be presenting a number of live workshops and seminars in the coming 6 weeks.  You don't get many things in life for free so its a great opportunity to get some free training directly from Oracle.

For the Nordic events I will also be touching on the topic of Forms modernization and migration and giving a quick rundown of Oracle's mobile strategy as well. 

Thursday Apr 03, 2014

Running Apex applications from ADF Mobile on-device

Frederic Desbiens from the Oracle Product Management team will be presenting an interesting mash up of technologies at Collaborate in Las Vegas next week.  His session "Bring your APEX application to iOS and Android with ADF Mobile" will show how you can use the on-device power of ADF Mobile on iOS and Android to addess application functionality already developed in APEX.

His session is on the 10th of April (Thu) at 4:15pm a Collaborate14

Wednesday Apr 02, 2014

Get a perspective on mobile development : UK event 14th May.

If you are looking to drive a mobile strategy in your business there is a great event being run by Oracle UK onthe 14th of May.  You can register here.

The agenda includes industry leaders discussing mobile strategy as well as topics such as cloud and security.

Monday Mar 17, 2014

ADF Architecture and Best Practices Continuing around the globe

ADF Architecture and Design best practices has been a topic which has been keeping my team busy over the past 18 months.  We've already delivered training to hundreds of developers and architects both inside and outside of Oracle.  Here is a picture from some training recently delivered in Bangalore, India.

Whilst a live instructor lead class in great, not everyone can make these so, for those of us tied to our desk you can also access all of the training material from the ADF Architecture TV YouTube channel.

Monday Mar 10, 2014

Oracle Mobile Strategy at OUG Ireland Conference

I'm in Dublin to speak about Oracle's mobile strategy at the annual Oracle User Group conference.  Given mobile seems to be a hot topic I hope it will be useful to get a vision of where Oracle is going in this market.

Thursday Feb 20, 2014

Strategies for Moving Forms Applications to Mobile Devices

Yes you heard right.  Oracle Forms on mobile devices!  If you want to find out more, ODTUG are holding a webinar on the 27th of Feb.  You'll get a rundown on the options you have with Forms, the challenges, and you'll see loads of cool demos of what mobile could do for you.  Oracle Senior Director of Product Management Denis Tyrell and CEO of Auraplayer Mia Urman will be your hosts.  For more information on this must-not-miss event, see this blog post.

What is Oracle Mobile Suite

You might start hearing mention of a new product/initiative from Oracle called Oracle Mobile Suite.  This is a suite of products covering the development efforts for building Enterprise mobile applications; and that includes the on-device applications as well as the back-end services they consume.  To help you understand a little more of the challenges, the products available, and Oracle's vision, my team put together a short video on Oracle Mobile Suite which gives you the main points to understand.

Friday Feb 14, 2014

Survey for Oracle Forms Users

Interesting survey for all of you with an investment in Oracle Forms.  We want to hear from you.  If you have 30 seconds, please check out the survey.

Wednesday Feb 12, 2014

Is ADF the right choice? Understanding your options

At a recent Oracle virtual developer day I presented a session on "Oracle ADF For Forms and PL/SQL Developers – Why it’s the right choice".  In this presentation I talk about why you might be considering ADF, the challenges of re-education and what opporuntinies you might be able to realise by choosing ADF.

If you are considering ADF, this might be an interesting watch to arm you with some relevant facts.

Tuesday Feb 04, 2014

ADF Mobile - attached device not being recognised

Seemingly randomly I started having errors trying to deploy an ADF Mobile application to my Nexus 7 tablet.  I was getting

[10:28:07 AM] Shutting down Android Debug Bridge server...
[10:28:07 AM] Deployment cancelled.
[10:28:07 AM] ----  Deployment incomplete  ----.
[10:28:07 AM] Failed to detect a connected Android device.  Make sure the device is connected.  Otherwise, manually restart the ADB server.  The following results were provided by ADB:
List of devices    attached

But in addition, I also noted that some software I was using to view the Nexus on my PC was also not finding the tablet.  I also couldn't see the tablet on the Windows Explorer window - so, something somewhere outside of JDeveloper seemed to be the problem.

What I did to fix this was the following

  1. From the Windows Start I ran devmgmt.msc and from here I found "Android Composite ADB Device" - I double clicked on this to chose to uninstall AND delete the driver.
  2. I then re-connected the Nexus and it started to install the driver.  I got an error here but I pressed on regardless since now at least Windows Explorer could see the device although JDeveloper couldn't
  3. I made sure USB Debugging was ON on the tablet AND I also switch off Media Device (MTP) which is a USB connection option.

The combination of the above and the luck of the gods seemed to have got things working.



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