Tuesday Sep 02, 2014

I'm speaking at UKOUG Tech2014

UKOUG is an awesome conference which I've been lucky to attend for about the last 13 years or so (is it really that long!) .  Whilst I really enjoy it as a presenter, its also a great place for learning - infact, if you have training budget then I'd be seriously considering spending it on attending UKOUG.  The agenda is packed with great content.  I'll be presenting on

  • Building on-device mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Everything you need to know about Oracle ADF in 45 minutes

 I think what is really cool about his year is we have themes which are product agnostic.  So you don't have to be hung up on productX versus productY - if you are interested in cloud, or mobile or usability then there are complete streams of content for you.

Tuesday Aug 19, 2014

New MAF Episode on Listeners and Events.

We've sneaked in an extra episode into the UI Development playlist of the MAF online training.  You can access the new episode on Listeners and Events here.

Note, that we're renumbered all of the subsequent episodes (just incase you were referring back to the episodes by number.  This is a new episode 16).

If you have any other ideas for new episodes, please let me know via a comment.

Friday Aug 15, 2014

UKOUG Running Mobile Focused Special Interest Group

The UKOUG are running a special interest group focused on mobile development.  This event, running in Thames Valley Park in Reading on the 9th Sept will cover not only development tools, but also look at how cloud is impacting mobile development and the challenges of securing mobile apps.  Given the massive drive behind mobile this is a great opportunity to look at how mobile could be influencing your business.

Details of the event can be found here

Tuesday Aug 12, 2014

Is the android emulator eating up your disk?

A little nugget from last weeks MAF Hackathon - someone had problems launching the Android emulator, and his disk space was severely limited.  Turns out the emulator creates a load of temp files - nearly a 1 Gb each - looks like these can be removed (unless someone knows otherwise!)


New Oracle ADF 12c Course Running Online! - register now!

Oracle University are running the First Global Teach of the Oracle Middleware 12c: Build Rich Client Applications with ADF Ed 1 LVC [D76566GC10] class. 

This training teaches you how to use the powerful, declarative features of ADF Business Components to build and test reusable business services, which you then expose in the user interface using ADF Faces rich client components. You will also learn how to quickly build complex navigation between pages, define validation logic and secure the application. After using the Fusion technology stack to build and test each part of your application, you'll get a chance to deploy the application to an Integrated WebLogic Server.

Learn To:

  • Build end-to-end web applications.
  • Build rich user interfaces with ADF Faces.
  • Develop Java EE components with Oracle ADF.
  • Use the new capabilities of Oracle JDeveloper 12c.
Date: 08-SEP-14
Duration: 5 days
Hours: 7.00 AM - 3.00 PM PST
Location:  Online
Click here for more details

Monday Aug 11, 2014

Mobile events coming up!

Mobile is a real hot topic in the enterprise space, and apart from the whole Oracle World bandwaggon that will be rolling out in Sept/Oct, there are also some other regional events coming up with a strong mobile focus.

UKOUG Special Interest Group - Sept 

ODTUG Mobile Day -  December

Mobile workshops in US and Canada - throughout the second half of 2014

There are also online events coming up in the same timeframe so a perfect opportunity to get read for mobile... 

Survey - what are you doing with Forms?

The Forms community are looking to get an insight into how people are using Forms and their plans for the future.  If you are using Forms this might be worth a couple of minutes of your time

https://oracleformsinfo.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/migration-survey/ or jump directly to the survey here.

Monday Jul 28, 2014

3 New Videos for Device Integration in Oracle MAF

3 new Oracle MAF videos published on device integration and preferences.  That's another 60+ minutes of FREE Oracle MAF educational content delivered by Oracle Product Management.  Please subscribe for more updated...next set of videos are on security!

Monday Jul 21, 2014

Using the SQLite database in Oracle MAF

The SQLite database in Oracle MAF gives you the ability to work off line against local database.  In these three videos we give you the rundown on how to use the Oracle MAF SQLite database.  If you want to subscribe to this channel you can do so here.


Monday Jul 14, 2014

10 New Oracle MAF Videos - Web services and Data Accees

Frank Nimphius takes to the stage to demonstrate consuming web services from Oracle MAF applications.  This series of videos includes intro level descriptions to data controls, bindings, REST and SOAP.  It then shifts up a gear to cover programmatic access to web services from Java in Oracle MAF.  If you are looking to skill up on Oracle MAF please subscribe to the channel.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Oracle Mobile App Framework Hackathon for Partners

Oracle are running a Mobile Application Framework hackathon in Portugal at the beginning of August for Oracle Partners.  This is great opportunity to learn Oracle's strategic mobile application framework, as well as an chance to BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) and get Oracle experts to help you build it.  You can find out more details and register here.


Monday Jul 07, 2014

10 New Videos Released in Official Oracle MAF training

I've just release the next 10 episodes of the official Oracle MAF online training series.  That brings us up to a total of 25 videos so far with another 10 (on data and web services) being release next week.  You can access the YouTube channel at this link.  If you want to get up to speed on the technology underpinning Oracle's mobile strategy, this is where you need to be.


Tuesday Jul 01, 2014

Oracle Mobile Application Framework now Live!

You may have started to hear a buzz on the blogs about the release of Oracle Mobile Application Framework, for building on-device mobile applications. You can read the full story here.  To give you the full story about Oracle MAF there are two additional key learning resources you may be interested in.

For the Oracle Mobile Platform YouTube channel we are planning on release a full, totally free Oracle MAF training course delivered by key Oracle experts.  Over 50 episodes will be released, the first 10 of which are up on the channel now.  So get learning!

Tuesday May 20, 2014

UKOUG Tech 2014 Conference -Last chance to attend for free!

The deadline for submitting papers for the UKOUG Tech 2014 conference has been extended for a few more days.  This is a great conference with some great speakers and  its free to attend if you are presenting!  That's why I've submitted!

Friday May 16, 2014

Oracle ADF Sweden, Norway and Denmark - links for all the delegates

I had a brilliant couple of days teaching ADF and ADF mobile in Sweden, Norway and Denmark this week and as usual, I got asked for a copy of my slides. However I feel the slides are often worth a lot less without the presenter so instead I thought I would point to links which gives you the same information but in much more digestible format.

For the broad material on learning Oracle ADF I recommend the following


For the Forms content we covered


ADF Mobile content



Tips, Tricks, Events and Information around Oracle JDeveloper, ADF, and Oracle Forms


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