Thursday Apr 16, 2015

Oracle Alta UI paper published in UKOUG Magazine

At the start of the year I was approached by the UKOUG publishing team and commissioned to write an article on Oracle Alta UI; our new design philosophy for modern mobile and mobile web applications.  Glad to see the article has made the front cover of the latest edition.

Thursday Dec 18, 2014

How to debug the HTML in Oracle MAF Applications

So you've developed an Oracle MAF application but you want to see why your form is not laying out as you expect.  Or what if you increased the fonts in your titles.  Android and iOS allow you to hook up your MAF application to a special tool which allows you to debug and change the generated HTML at runtime.

We've created a video showing you how to set up this debugger on both Android and iOS.  As always, please subscribe to our official OracleMobilePlatform channel for more videos.

UKOUG Most Read Article Award

Made it back from a very successful UKOUG conference with an extra piece of luggage:  an award for the "Most Read Article of 2014" in the UKOUG's Oracle Scene magazine.  "Mobile: The Enterprise Gamechanger".

Always nice to know that the effort of writing articles such as these is recognized.

Friday Dec 12, 2014

Video Interview of Oracle Mobile Customer

Earlier in the year I went up to Durham to interview James Robbins the CIO of Northumbrian Water on their mobile strategy and their use of Oracle's mobile framework. This video is a nice insight into a key utilities company's mobile strategy and how Oracle technology supported them.

Friday Nov 21, 2014

Oracle MAF reviewed by Analyst Gigacom

Nice article from research/analyst firm Gigacom which gives an insight into the challenges of mobile development, and reviews the main players.  Oracle MAF, and Oracle's broader mobile strategy, scores well.

Oracle Mobile Partner Event, Europe 2015

As an Oracle partner do you have plans for Mobile enablement?  Do you want to find out the latest application development trends?  Do you want to get hands-on with Oracle's Mobile Application Framework?  The FMW Partner Community are hosting a 4 day event on the 3-6th March 2015 in Budapest.  This event will bring together Oracle Development with the brightest Oracle partners to discuss and learn, amongst other topics, Mobile, Cloud and UX.

Myself and Frank Nimphius will be representing the Mobility and Development Tools Product Management Team, and we will be running a 2 day hands-on session.

Wednesday Nov 12, 2014

The world is going mobile..surprise surprise!

You might have noticed my blog entries recently have been focusing on mobile, which is fair enough given my role, but this latest projection in Computer World continues the theme of Mobile dominating the thoughts of organizations.

Here is one very interesting insight.

Friday Nov 07, 2014

ODTUG Mobile Event Reston December

For anyone looking to get a good handle on the mobile market and mobile technologies, the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) are putting together a great looking event.  The ODTUG Mobile Event, is running on the 2nd December in Reston VA.  This is going to cover strategy, technologies and tools such as Apex, ADF, MAF and cloud.

Thursday Nov 06, 2014

Come and learn how Northumbrian Water embraced Oracle's Mobile Framework

Northumbrian water are responsible for the water and sewage services of 4.5 million people in the UK, and I was fortunate enough to be engaged with them to understand how they embraced mobile to help their customers and employees.  In particular their use of mobile access to Oracle's EBusiness Suite Procurement using Oracle's mobile framework showed a great return in investment by allowing products and parts to be purchased and approved in drastically reduced timescales using mobile.

To help others learn from Northumbrian Water's experience, we are running a live webcast on the 18th November, including interviews with NWs CIO, development and strategy lead, as well as hearing from Oracle's architects who were involved in the project.

A chance to learn directly from a successful MAF implementation running essential services for a leading UK services company.

Monday Nov 03, 2014

How to write code in ADF - new "live" video from OW available

My Oracle Open World 2014 session on "First Programming Steps in Oracle ADF: Beyond Drag and Drop" was recorded by Oracle University and is now available to watch here.

My goal for this presentation was to try and bridge the gap between the drag and drop declarative side of ADF, and the programming side where you start to really flesh out the application specific functionality.  I'm hoping this will help new ADF developers go beyond the basics and start exploring the power of the ADF programming model. 

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Lloyds Register - a case study in the power of mobile and MAF

Lloyds Register is a global engineering and maritime business and I was fortunate enough to be briefly involved in their successful adoption of Oracle Mobile Platform.  It looks like Lloyds are starting to see the fruits or their labour now, and I think this serves as an interesting study in how a company has evolved and successfully embraced mobile technology to meet new and existing business needs more efficiently.  At the heart of their investment is Oracle's mobile application framework.

Here you can find an article in UK Computer World,  Computer Business Review, UKOUG's Oracle Scene magazine, and a video interview with the architect behind the solution. In addition, Lloyds Register are also speaking at the one of the Oracle Days in London.

Monday Oct 20, 2014

Calling REST/JSON web services from MAF

REST/JSON is pretty much regarded as the "tool of choice" for mobile devices working with back end services.  Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) supports SOAP/XML, REST/XML and REST/JSON, however our support for REST/JSON is currently more code-centric that the others.  Whilst we are working on adding more declarative/framework support for REST/JSON, if you do need to implement this now, we've published an end-to-end tutorial to show how to work with REST/JSON web services from an Oracle MAF application.

Whilst this might look quite long winded for anyone new to the platform, what we have done in this tutorial is go through the effort of setting up supporting framework classes which will make this implementation work with your own specific use cases.

Friday Oct 17, 2014

Oracle Developer Academy update for Oracle MAF

The Oracle Developer Academy is an online learning aid for getting up to speed on Oracle MAF.  We've just refreshed this release to include a section on Oracle MAF security.

This tool is aimed at giving you a quick insight and overview of Oracle MAF development and features.  Enjoy! 

Thursday Oct 16, 2014

Countdown free online learning event- Learn Oracle Mobile Online!

November 26th Oracle is running on online virtual technology day covering a number of streams including Java, middleware and mobile.  My particular interest is focused on Oracle's mobile strategy where there will be sessions covering 

  • Oracle Mobile Application Framework
  • Cloud based Mobile Development 
  • Mobile Security
  • Mobile Architecture

 There will be hands on labs and live chat with Oracle experts.  This is a great opportunity for free on line learning and you can register on line here to secure your place.

Wednesday Sep 17, 2014

Property and Provider Change events in Oracle MAF

On recently running some Oracle MAF training we discovered that property change and provider change events were a topic with which you need to be familiar when building MAF applications - so we put together a short training video to show you what they are, what they are used for, and how you use them.  You can access the video on our official Oracle MAF YouTube channel


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