Let’s Get Serious About Your Cloud

July 1, 2021 | 2 minute read
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“Oracle doesn’t make toys, deliver toys, or allow you to search for toys,” a wise CEO once told me.

And that fact has given him the confidence to select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as their cloud service provider.

 We are serious about our cloud. Some vendors are the “retail” cloud, competing with Walmart or Target. Others call themselves the “smart” cloud, which I suppose is relative concept. Oracle provides a serious cloud that has been designed for massive government workloads – running mission- critical applications and infrastructure securely, efficiently, and effectively . In addition to our government and education customers, we host the world’s most mission critical applications and infrastructure across healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and every vertical and sub-vertical that can be defined.

Give this some thought:

  • We power with choice – on-premises, cloud, hybrid.  “One size fits all” is not a realistic representation of government infrastructure and application implementations.  We power the missions of both cloud-native and cloud smart customers.   Sometimes, agencies want to continue to use traditional technology, while others want to start off brand new in the cloud.  We support it all: on premises, in the cloud or a mix of both that we call hybrid.

  • We power open technology, fostering interconnects and forging partnerships with some of the world’s most critical technology companies. Our customers remain in control, and open technologies allow them to change their mind.

  • We power with guarantees, offering financially backed service level agreements for not just availability, but also manageability, and performance. The planet’s most important workloads deserve that assurance to perform as well or better than on premises. Without a guarantee, availability is not enough. We stand behind our cloud because we know we’ve got the architecture to support it.  

  • We power with the most cost-effective cloud technology on the planet. It’s hard to get unexpected, unplanned monies in public sector. Government requires cost predictability and no hidden costs.  

  • We power both industry- leading SaaS and platform infrastructure. Customers come to Oracle for all their cloud needs. With everything under one roof, we simplify choices and reduce risk because of our integration expertise and system/software interoperability.  SaaS and infrastructure are not standalone concepts, but are inextricably linked together, and providing one without the other is an incomplete solution.

When it’s time to buy toys, I’m sure you know where to shop. But when you’re ready to transform your IT infrastructure into a foundation for security, cost-savings and innovation, send me a note or connect with me. I’m serious about that, too. 




Patrick Mungovan

Pat Mungovan is the senior vice president for North America Public Sector sales.  

Previously, he led Oracle’s North America cloud strategy and business development group. In this capacity, his team identified, developed, and executed a modern portfolio of integrated programs spanning Oracle’s entire tech cloud business. Prior to that role, he had served as the group vice president for Oracle Public Sector U.S. Higher Education, Research and Academic Medical Center Technology sales. Pat holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a B.A. in economics from the College of the Holy Cross (Mass.), and was a Harvard University Knox Fellow at Oxford and Cambridge universities, U.K. He lives in Boston, Mass.

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