Oracle selected for Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability Contract - continues legacy of DoD Partnership

December 14, 2022 | 2 minute read
Kris Breaux
Group Vice President, Oracle National Security Group
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The Department of Defense has the critical mission to deliver a global, resilient, and secure information environment that spans all warfighting domains.  The Department must keep pace with both the complexity and sheer volume of data necessary to face current and future threats.  To answer this call, the Pentagon awarded the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract - the Department’s premier contract vehicle allowing the DoD to acquire commercial cloud offerings at all classification levels direct from Cloud Service Providers. 

As the Defense Department continues to operate in an information-dependent environment, Oracle is both proud and committed to be front and center helping our mission partners solve their most pressing data challenges. 

Next-Generation Cloud

Oracle’s Second-Generation Cloud offers DoD mission users enhanced scale, manageability, and security, with an optimized infrastructure to operate across the Unclassified, Secret, and Top Secret spectrum, to include cloud devices operating right to the tactical edge of DoD missions.  Further, Oracle cloud offers a wide array of high-performance compute and storage capabilities and is designed for multi-cloud operations.   As one of the leading hyperscale cloud providers, Oracle offers dedicated operational regions for DoD missions, and will support JWCC by providing cloud services dedicated to meet a variety of DoD warfighter requirements.

Full range of Platform and Infrastructure as a Service – from Core to Edge

Oracle Cloud delivers a full range of high-performance compute, storage, and virtual networking, along with a broad offering of platform services for data management, analytics and artificial intelligence, integration, and DevSecOps. Further, with easy integration into DoD enterprises, Oracle Cloud delivers comprehensive portability of applications and data. The result is a solution that accommodates existing workloads, including legacy systems, VMware-hosted workloads, and cloud native applications.

These capabilities are offered right down to our tactical edge cloud device capabilities that can operate in disconnected, disrupted, intermittent, and limited environments.  This enables warfighters to get critical information in near-real time wherever their mission takes them.

A Legacy of DoD Partnership

Oracle is eager to continue our decades long history of success with the Defense Department by providing our high performance, secure, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure.  Of course, the foundation of that robust infrastructure is our expert cadre of developers, engineers, and managers committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with mission partners as we help ensure they have the very best technology to protect and preserve our national security. Learn more at

Kris Breaux

Group Vice President, Oracle National Security Group

Kris Breaux is a Group Vice President in Oracle’s National Security Group, and serves as the Program Manager of Oracle’s Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability Program Management Office. Kris is a 30-year veteran of the Defense and Intelligence communities, with leadership experience spanning program management, budget oversight, public policy and legislation, program acquisitions, and space operations.

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