Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Obtains FedRAMP High Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB)

April 9, 2021 | 3 minute read
Suzanne Holliday
Director of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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Oracle recently announced the expansion of its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FedRAMP High cloud services with the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) issuance of a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) for the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

This is great news for Government IT agencies, here’s why:

The recent FedRAMP High JAB P-ATO authorization builds on Oracle’s commitment to deliver cloud services for public sector customers who are caught between two competing objectives; a mandate to migrate to the cloud and a lack of funding to conduct application re-architecture and version upgrades. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution helps remove these public sector barriers to cloud by taking a different approach and is founded on these core tenets: security, predictability and control.


Designed with a security-first approach and zero-trust model to assist in meeting the strict compliance standards, the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution helps to enable U.S Public sector agencies to securely run applications across VMware environments in Oracle Cloud Government regions. It gives Government IT agencies the capability to subscribe to a customer managed, native VMware solution, deployed as bare metal infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud US Government regions. Secure, without cloud provider access to public customer data or configuration, operated by U.S staff, on U.S soil with control and security at its core.


Customers maintain complete control over their infrastructure including version and patch management, full administrative rights, root access and ownership of all encryption keys to secure data. Once the software defined data center (SDDC) has been provisioned in the customer’s tenancy, Oracle removes itself from the customer cloud environment.


Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is VMware Cloud Verified and enables U.S Government agencies to receive a fast pass to Oracle cloud.  Public sector customers can potentially minimize costs by continuing to use familiar VMware tools to implement DR, seamlessly extend, and fully migrate VMware virtualized on-premises workloads to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with the capability of connecting to adjacent native Oracle cloud services. U.S Government agencies can accelerate cloud adoption by migrating VMware environments to Oracle Cloud, deploying a minimum 3 node cluster in any of the Oracle Government Cloud or global regions in a matter of hours. Significant investments and hardened VMware best practices remain intact because Oracle Cloud VMware Solution operates exactly as VMware environments on premises, mitigating the need to rearchitect, re-tool or cross-train operations and administrators. 

Oracle Cloud: The ideal VMware platform for public sector agencies and institutions

At the heart of their public sector infrastructure modernization, IT organizations need predictability in time-to-productivity, data management stability and the ability to control costs. Today’s public sector agencies and institutions are challenged with risk management, infrastructure modernization and budget surprises. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution delivers FedRAMP High security with predictable costs, a single vendor for technical support and a simplified, consolidated billing experience.

Today, the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is the only public cloud available with FedRAMP High Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO); with this authorization, Oracle continues its journey and maintains its solid track record of delivering technology solutions to public sector and government organizations.

To learn more about the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, join Oracle and VMware for a live webinar on April 22 at 2 PM ET. Register here


Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Obtains FedRAMP High Authorization

Oracle Achieves FedRAMP High Authorization for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-Government Cloud Offering

Suzanne Holliday

Director of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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