Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Announcing Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Integration with Oracle Enterprise Repository 11g for Runtime Metrics

Whether you are a service consumer, producer (developer), architect or manager, getting regular updates on runtime metrics of your assets is critical for many reasons. OER 11g PS6 can now gather runtime metrics for harvested assets from EM 12c Cloud Control. These metrics will then show under respective assets at regular, configured intervals.

To achieve this, you need to point the EM Integration Utility (already included in your OER), to your EM 12c and OER 11g instances. A new configuration file for EM 12c integration is now available. Get the patch and the new settings file from here. Instructions for applying the patch and configuring the utility are bundled in the patch as well.

Sunday Sep 30, 2012

Tuesday at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Must See Session: “Oracle Fusion Applications: Best Practices in Integration Design Patterns”

Don’t miss this “CON8685 - Oracle Fusion Applications: Best Practices in Integration Design Patterns “ session:

  • Speakers:
    • Rajesh Raheja - Senior Director, Development, Oracle
    • Ravi Sankaran - Director, Applications Development, Oracle
  • Date: Tuesday, Oct 2
  • Time: 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
  • Location: Palace Hotel - Telegraph

Oracle Fusion Applications provide various ways to integrate their functional capabilities with other Oracle applications as well as third-party and legacy applications. In this session, you will learn the patterns used when communicating with Oracle Fusion Applications with a SOA approach. It addresses items related to identifying the integration artifacts available, also known as assets, in Oracle Enterprise Repository; how to invoke synchronous and asynchronous Web services; importing and exporting bulk data; and any integration issues to look out for. The patterns will be applicable to on-premises and SaaS/cloud deployment modes and are indicated as such.

Objectives for this session are to:

  1. Highlight the various ways to integrate with Oracle Fusion Applications
  2. Showcase use of Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies for integration
  3. Describe best practices and design patterns for integration

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

Using Cloud OER to Find Fusion Applications On-Premise Service Concrete WSDL URL

In his latest blog post, Rajesh Raheja explains how on-premise customers without a dedicated OER can find a concrete service WSDL URL for their specific environment using the cloud hosted OER instance. Please read here for more details.

Tuesday May 15, 2012

Bullet-proof your Cloud and SOA - CloudCon Webcast

Oracle sponsored the recently concluded CloudCon Virtualization online event.

Jyothi Swaroop, Product Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware - talked about the need to "bullet-proof" your Cloud and SOA in a couple of webcasts at the event.

Abstract:Cloud computing is changing how enterprises look at end-to-end IT operations. As cloud adoption soars, CIOs want to “bullet-proof the cloud” to ensure business-critical manageability and governance. Watch this webcast to learn how SOA Governance is being tuned for Cloud Governance, including security, policy compliance and even SLAs.

View the webcasts here

Friday Dec 23, 2011

Cover Story: Solving the SOA Governance puzzle: Taking a "Bite-Sized" approach

An article titled "Solving the SOA
Governance puzzle: Taking a "Bite-Sized" approach" authored by Oracle's Jyothi Swaroop was published as the
cover story in the December issue of Service Technology Magazine.

SOA Governance initiatives help organizations optimize their service-oriented architecture (SOA) by providing a means to reduce risk, maintain business alignment and show the business value of SOA investments. But all too often these initiatives can be seen as daunting projects that are overly broad and complex, require too many resources and are too time consuming.  In this article, Oracle’s Jyothi Swaroop will explain how organizations can take an incremental approach to SOA governance initiatives to meet their specific needs. This will include an overview of how SOA governance technologies can support specific tactical level projects and yet ensure the organization is able to optimize the entire lifecycle of its SOA.

Read the complete article

Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

Oracle Announces Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration

Oracle announced the launch of Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration today. The new launch helps reduce costs and speed time-to-market for healthcare customers.

News Facts

  • To provide healthcare customers with comprehensive healthcare integration capabilities within a unified enterprise application infrastructure platform, Oracle today announced Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration.

  • Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration delivers healthcare message standards support, dashboards and monitoring for healthcare collaboration, and a toolkit for rapid HIPAA 5010 upgrade and compliance.

  • Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration helps healthcare organizations lower operating costs and speeds time-to-market by delivering a consistent user interface, management console and monitoring environment, as well as healthcare libraries and templates for healthcare customer projects.

  • Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration capabilities are part of the Healthcare Adapter for Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

A component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11gOracle SOA Suite 11g is an integrated, best-of-breed suite that helps organizations rapidly design and assemble, deploy and manage, highly agile and adaptable business applications.

Read the full Press Release

Thursday Oct 20, 2011

The Making of "Java Rap"

Many of you liked the Java Rap video. For those of you that liked it, here is The Making of the "Java Rap". Enjoy!

PS - We will get back to talking SOA and SOA Governance soon! :-)

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011

Have you seen the "Java Life" Rap Music video yet?

Go Java!


Monday Oct 17, 2011

OTN TechCast - Oracle SOA Governance demystified for Architects

Here's an OTN TechCast video recorded during Oracle Open World featuring Cathy Lippert, Director of Product Management interviewed by Bob Rhubart from OTN. Cathy and Bob discuss why SOA Governance is important to different aspects of IT including on-premise applications and the cloud. 

Monday Aug 29, 2011

ORACLE ENTERPRISE GATEWAY Business and Technical Seminar, 20-21 Sept 2011


Oracle PartnerNetwork would like to invite you to a FREE 2 day ORACLE ENTERPRISE GATEWAY Business and Technical Seminar which is taking place from 20th & 21st September 2011 in Oracle Reading, UK.


This event is targeted at Partner organisations working with, or evaluating the possibility of using/deploying Oracle Enterprise Gateway. The event will consist of Business and Technical tracks for sales and technical personnel. It will show how business benefits can be delivered to your customers, increase revenue for your organisation and understand key product features, installation and deployment.

Oracle Enterprise Gateway (OEG), a purpose-built gateway product offering, simplifies and secures SOA deployments on-premise or in the cloud. It secures and expedites XML, Web Services and other types of data in a simple, easy-to-use manner addressing common SOA bottlenecks. Oracle Enterprise Gateway is a standards-based, policy-driven, standalone software security solution that provides first line of defense in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments.

Oracle Enterprise Gateway provides following key functionality:

• Provide DMZ-Class Security

• Provide Ultra-Fast XML Processing

• Integrate and Extend to 3rd party systems

• Enhance Service Governance

Topics covered

• What are the challanges of SOA deployments in enterprises?

• How does Oracle Enterprise Gateway add value and benefit to the end customer

• How do you sell Oracle Enterprise Gateway to Oracle and non-Oracle customers

• Oracle Enterprise Gateway High Level Architecture

• Oracle Enterprise Gateway Product Features

• Hands on product installation

• Configuration and customization


To register, please click on the link below. This will direct you to our online registration system. You will be prompted to log on to OPN with your usual partner login and password.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to complete the registration you will need your OPN agreement name. If you do not have this information contact the Oracle University Partner Education Hotline at 0118 92 40700 or if you are calling from outside the UK +44 118 92 40700.

If you have any queries regarding this event please call us on 0118 92 40700 or email parted_uk@oracle.com.

REGISTER HERE - 20th & 21st September 2011 - Reading 

Tuesday Aug 23, 2011

Policing the Cloud - IDN Expert Voices Podcast

Cloud computing is changing how enterprises look at end-to-end IT operations. As cloud adoption soars, CIOs want to “police the cloud” to ensure business-critical manageability and governance. IDN 'Expert Voices' speaks with Cathy Lippert, Director of Oracle SOA Governance, to learn how SOA Governance is being tuned for Cloud Governance, including security, policy compliance and even SLAs.

View the podcast and download slides   


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