Monday Sep 19, 2016

Announcing: and Oracle Code events

Announcing: and Oracle Code events

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Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

The New Oracle Fusion Middleware Public Maven Repository is now available for the world to use

The much-anticipated Fusion Middleware public Oracle Maven Repository is now online at

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

Oracle Cloud and IronMan 3

Iron Man faces his toughest challenges yet, with Oracle technology backing him up. Look for Oracle hardware in action and see how cloud technology saves the day at a theater near you.

Oracle Cloud and IronMan

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Saturday May 07, 2011

Welcome to

Welcome to-as some term it-the Flip side! As you can see the move to the common Oracle Blogging infrastructure in which instances moved over to Sun's Apache Roller infrastructure is complete!  

After a few years at, The Web Cornucopia Blog has a new home at Even though redirects should make all this totally transparent to you, you may want to update your bookmarks/RSS/Atom feeds on your feed aggregator or browser to point them at: (RSS - Atom)

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Thursday Apr 28, 2011

Moving to

Starting late next week (Friday May 6, 2011), this blog at is going to be hosted at In case something goes wrong, I have also mirrored content at:

You can always get all these URLs from my personal public profile at

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Wednesday Apr 27, 2011

Oracle Java Composite Application Platform Suite 6.3 Release Notes

Oracle Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) combines technologies from Oracle to form a modular and pluggable business integration platform that supports the complete spectrum of service integration requirements. Java CAPS includes repository-based core components and Adapters along with JBI Service Engines and Binding Components, giving you more options and greater flexibility in designing your composite applications. It uses NetBeans as the visual development environment, and the applications you create are deployed on the GlassFish Enterprise Server. This combination allows you to develop custom composite applications, Java EE applications, web applications, mobile applications, and web services using Java EE, JBI, and repository-based components.[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 26, 2011

Migration to the New Common Oracle Blogging Platform

Starting Friday, April 29, 2011, this blog at along with all the other Sun and Oracle blogs will be migrated to the new common Oracle Blogging platform at 

According to communication that I have received, the current plan is to have the new Oracle blogging platform up by Friday, May 6th, 2011 at which time the new blogs will be live and the redirects will be in place.

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Wednesday Apr 20, 2011

The NetBeans team proudly announces the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.0!

NetBeans IDE 7.0 introduces language support for coding to the proposed Java SE 7 specification with the JDK 7 developer preview. Developers can now take advantage of the new language features from Project Coin /JSR 334, with editor support for code completion, hints, and in specific cases converting existing Java SE 6 based code to use the new Java SE 7 based syntax.

The release also provides enhanced integration with the Oracle WebLogic server as well as support for Oracle Database and GlassFish 3.1. The Oracle WebLogic server integration enhancements include fast turnaround when redeploying applications; deploy on save; datasource management; server library configuration; the ability to explore deployed applications and resources, and to view server logs and the admin console from within the IDE.

Additional highlights include Maven 3 and HTML5 editing support; a new GridBagLayout designer for improved Swing GUI development; enhancements to the Java editor, and more.[Read More]

Thursday Sep 23, 2010

JavaOne 2010-S313771- Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures technical session Slides


Here are the slides for our technical session (S313771) entitled Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures presented at the JavaOne 2010 conference on September 23, 2010, Thursday between 11:00am and 12:00pm  in The Cyril Magnin III Room at The Hotel Parc 55 in San Francisisco ....

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Tuesday Sep 14, 2010

JavaOne 2010 - Received Speaking Schedule Confirmation today

JavaOne 2010

I just received confirmation of my speaking schedule along with location information for JavaOne.


ID#: S313771
Title: Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures
Track: Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud - The Java Frontier
Date: 23-SEP-10
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Venue: Parc 55
Room: Cyril Magnin III

JavaOne Speaking and Location Schedule

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Thursday Sep 09, 2010

JavaOne 2010 - Thursday September 23, Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures

I'll be presenting a technical session (S313771) entitled Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures with Kiran Bhumana at the JavaOne 2010 conference on Thursday September 23, 2010 from 11:00am to 12:00pm in The Cyril Magnin III Room at The Hotel Parc 55 in San Francisisco ...


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Monday Jun 04, 2007

Open ESB Partner Ecosystem: Creating a Binding Component Deployment Plug-In for Netbeans

Gestalt LLC

Gestalt's Chad Gallemore has blogged about creating a Binding Component Deployment plug-in for NetBeans...

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Tuesday May 29, 2007

Deliver Composite Applications with Java, WS-BPEL & SOA

My co-workers Prabhu Balashanmugam, Kevin Schmidt, and yours truly had an article published in the March 2007 issue of Java Developers' Journal entitled Deliver Composite Applications with Java, WS-BPEL & SOA - Supporting the complete lifecycle. Tuesday morning I walked into the office after the Memorial Day weekend, and I find this issue dropped on my chair by Kevin. Too bad Prabhu and me found our photos swapped ...

Deliver Composite Applications with Java, WS-BPEL & SOA - Supporting the complete lifecycle

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Monday May 28, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: For Asynchronous, Peer-to-Peer Collaborations Use Multiple MEPs

For long-running, conversational, peer-to-peer collaborations, where there is an asynchronous lag between a request and a response with shared state use multiple Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) with correlations ...


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Open ESB Partner Ecosystem: Videos on using SOAPUI with Open ESB, NetBeans, and GlassFish

 Eviware SoapUi Logo

Eviware's Ole Matzura has created a series of videos demonstrating how SoapUI can be used to test Open ESB and JAX-WS deployments using SoapUI, NetBeans 6.0 (M9), Open ESB 2.0, and GlassFish.

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Sunday May 27, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Prefer Use of Document/Literal Rather than RPC

Prefer ‘document’ encoding and ‘literal’ use over other types for interoperability - Here's why ...


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Saturday May 26, 2007

My Article Nominated for JDJ Annual Readers' Choice 2007 Awards

If you did like my article, or you love project Open ESB, or Project GlassFish, or NetBeans, please do vote for these.  If you would like to see any enhancements to these projects, please tell us how we could improve it. Better still, since these are open-source projects, please get involved and influence the direction of these open source projects. We from the open-source community will forever value your invaluable inputs and contributions to make these projects the best ones in their respective categories on the planet ...

JDJ Annual Readers Choice 2007 


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Friday May 25, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Favor Contract First Development (a.k.a. Top-Down approach)

This approach forces the designer to focus on messages and contracts as the key concepts in designing a service contract ...

Design By Contract

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Thursday May 24, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: The Wire Always Goes Forward never Back

Think of the Collaboration as an entity that relentlessly pushes forward - it may change but it never ‘goes back’ to a previous state ...

Compensation for Business Processes

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Wednesday May 23, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Use Separate MEPs for Business Responses

Often the business response is not available quick enough to place the acknowledgment into the response ...


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Tuesday May 22, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) are the units of 'wire' collaboration

Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) are the units of 'wire' collaboration and are the basic building-blocks  ...

Message Exchange Patterns are the units of wire collaboration

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Monday May 21, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Use Correlation Values to Reference Shared State

Share conversational state on the wire using self-defined correlations in the message ...

Identifiers in the Message Property of WSDL

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Sunday May 20, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Identify Shared Conversational State Upfront

Identify element(s) in the message that can serve as a shared state-holder ...

Identify Shared Conversational State

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JBI/SOA Tips: What is a Conversation in a collaboration wire-design

The conversation is a new computing context that you will have to think about and handle in wire design ...


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Saturday May 19, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Protocol Is Not Part of the Business Message

Do not place information that you will need to reuse to process a collaboration in the Message header ...

Message body has to stand alone 


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Thursday May 17, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Evolving Global Collaborations - Version Number Message Wrappers

Explicitly add a version number attribute to the first element of both the request and the response message...

Version Number message wrappers 


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Wednesday May 16, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: For Large Messages Use MTOM

Use multi-part MIME to physically carry the message so at any point, you don’t have to parse the entire message at once...

Multipart MIME

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Sherry Barkodar's NetBeans 6.0 Preview Cookbooks

 NetBeans Cookbooks

View cook-books written for the SOA and Composite Application functionality in NetBeans 6.0 Preview (M9). These cook-books from Sherry Barkodar also include multiple Flash videos along with the  LoanProcessing application demonstrated at Java One 2007.

Among a lot of other features, these CookBooks also cover some new functionality that is available in NetBeans 6.0 Preview (M9) namely,

  • Composite Application Editor/Enterprise Mashup Editor/CASA Editor
  • Intelligent Event Processor (IEP) Engine
  • SMTP  Binding Component
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Tuesday May 15, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Use Unique Element to ‘Wrap’ Each Business Message

When designing global collaborations for wire-centric integration, ensure that the container of wrapped messages has a unique top-level element name...

Wrap Message with Unique Element Name

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Monday May 14, 2007

JBI/SOA Tips: Collaboration Design for 'Wire' Centric Integration

Look into the individual pieces that make up the collaboration and discuss how to handle:
  • Information Exchange
  • Evolution
  • Compensation
  • Identity
  • Access/security

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