Monday Nov 21, 2005

Living in the future.

Listening to the radio via the interweb, really feels like living in the future, here are some of my favourites. Both of these come under the heading of deep house. Firstly Digitally Imported , which has a pretty slick website. Secondly, one I found by accident, the wonderfully named . Both are playable via iTunes.

Thursday Feb 24, 2005

symphony for dot matrix printers

As heard on BBC Radio6 this Sunday whilst doing the washing up. It really is a piece of music made with dot marix printers. Probably, a lot, LOT better than you would think, which admittedly probably isn't much. Hard to draw a comparison - the world of impact-based hard-copy musicians is notoriously insular. Anyway check it out here

Monday Oct 04, 2004

Big night out in Aldershot

So we've pretty much given up on the beer for the time being, because frankly it was making me far too fat. However, after I hard week tap tap tap tap'ing away, I needed a night out. My mate Gareth was able to help out, and we headed out to Aldershot on a Friday night. As tradition dicatates, we found ourselves in the Unicorn, and wondering what to do next. For some unknown reason we decided against Tiffany's (yes its as dodgy as it sounds) and we decided to head to the West End Arts Centre where they had The Deborah Bonham Band who were playing some kind of Bluesy stuff, and it was all very nice. Anyhow, part way through, to our utter astonishment they introduce "...England cricketer, Mark Butcher", and it bl\*\*dy well was him. So he came on, sung a few tunes, and was pretty good. I mean it's bad enough that someone else can play world class cricket, whereas I could barely see the ball, the last time I played, but to also be able to sing, is too much of an insult to bear. I think Gareth bought him a drink (being a big cricket fan), I can't really remember having had quite a few Stella's by then and not being used to it, and we had a good old chat at the bar. I guess we should of offered to take him to Tiffany's but sadly it was already closed.

Heavy metal soundclash...

AKA lots of noise in a small pub in Reading. I went over to see my mate Tobes and his band Severed State at the Rising Sun pub in Reading, that's different to the Rising Sun arts cente, where they seem to have some sort of spiritual drumming circle, and 'Not the heavy metal you are looking for'. In fact I dont think it's called 'Heavy Metal' any more, just 'Metal'. Anyways, much as I like to take the piss, they were really rather good. Also playing were Stalefish1 fronted by the superb Charlie. They're slightly more um, 'musical' than Severed state, which makes sevstate sound bad, which isnt what I mean, it's just that I lack the vocabulary to accuratley describe one sort of shouty guitar music Vs another. Let's just say they're both food in their own special way :-) And topping the bill were a band called Baseborn whom had a very strange following of office types who came down to what can only be described as a spit-n-sawdust biker pub. Funnily enough I think a lot of the blokes came to see the bassist. And why not.

Monday Jul 19, 2004

I was a teenage raver...

But that was a long time ago, these days things are a bit more sedate. However, I did manage to get along to a gig of sorts this weekend. Ruth won two tickets to see Pavarotti at Leeds Castle which is in Kent, England. The prize included a hotel stay, hospitality (drinks and small portions of food) excellent seats ( we sat just behind John Simpson and he works for the BBC you know) and dinner.

Anyhow regarding the concert itself, I was totally unprepared for the awsome sound of the full orchestra on stage. I now think that one of the reasons I have never really appreciated orchestral music is down to the fact that it is very hard to reproduce on a home Hi-Fi. So I now have an excuse to save up for the Linn kit I've always wanted. Of course being a commoner doesnt help either, but I cant change that.

Anyhow after the gig/concert we got to eat in the castle itself. Apparently the room we ate in was used by no less than King Henry VIII.

Heres a picture of the castle:-

And the dining room, featuring pictures of some of his adoring wives...some of which he decided to kill.

The music was great but I dont think Im about to become an opera fan anytime soon, though I'd like to check out some more orchestral/classical pieces and you cant beat being outdoors whilst your at it. If you ever get the chance, give it a try.




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