Friday Nov 14, 2008

Sun HPC Software, Linux Edition 1.1

The announcement went out today on our mailing lists (are you on the mailing list yet? no? you should click here and sign up) of the 1.1 release of the Sun HPC Software stack.

First, you might be asking, "What happened to 1.0?". Well, that was released and got some really good feedback, it just seems that the one who writes these blog entries never quite got around to actually writing one for 1.0. Please ridicule him as much as possible, since he really deserves it. But, all of this is in the past now; on to 1.1.

As some might know, 1.0 was based on CentOS 5.1. The 1.1 release brings us up to a CentOS 5.2 base, but also includes the option to deploy on a RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.2 OS as well. We had heard a few requests for this inclusion, and here we go. Gone also is the "build-an-iso" option seen from 1.0 (if you don't know what that is, it's ok, we've all moved on). We now provide a new installation option based on Kickstart that allows a system administrator to perform a semi- or fully-automated installation of an RPM-based Linux system.

Other important updates in this version include OFED 1.3.1 as well as Lustre 1.6.6. We've also included cobbler to aid in the creation of diskfull clusters as well as diskless clusters.

So, please visit the Sun HPC Software, Linux Edition product page to read more about the release, and start using it.

Giraffe Members at SC08

Well, SC08 is just around the corner (quite literally, since I've taken so long to write this). Just wanted to mention that members from your friendly, neighborhood Sun HPC Software, Linux Edition team will be there showing off our work. So, stop by the Sun Booth and ask lots of questions, or taunt us, whichever seems to be the preferred method of communication.

In addition, we will also be giving talks at the Sun HPC Consortium prior to SC08, so there's all sorts of ways to find and consort with members of Giraffe.

Sunday May 04, 2008

LUG Presentation Online

Well, I said that I'd post when the slides and video are available, and oddly enough they are. Here are the Linux HPC Software Stack Slides and a Google Video so you can experience the moment for yourself.

Thursday May 01, 2008

Giraffe at LUG

This week I was at the Lustre User Group (LUG) in Sonoma, CA to give people the first glance at what it is we're trying to do here. As soon as the presentation is put up online, I'll post some links on where to find them.

The introduction was met with pretty positive reaction and people are interested in how our distro is going to look when we finally reach 1.0. This is quite encouraging as we march towards our milestones.

There were a couple questions that came up during the talk (and slightly after it) that I plan on blogging their answers to as time permits. So, watch this space for them (though don't watch too close, because I can't promise exactly when they'll happen).

Monday Apr 28, 2008

Giraffe Introduction

Yes, this page has been quite empty since it's creation. This has primarily been due to all those busy Giraffe members scurrying about racing towards our first internal BETA release and then ultimately our first actual community release. We're not quite there yet, but it might be nice to let people know what we're actually doing.

It's been recognized that Linux has a huge foothold in the High Performance Computing community, and as a result we're here to help bring to life Sun's Linux HPC Software Stack. In doing this, our mantra is pretty simple: Open Source. We're looking to empower the HPC community with a Linux stack focused on deploying anywhere from 10's to 1,000's of nodes, utilizing open source tools to accomplish this.

With all of that said, keep an eye on this space as we get closer to our first release. Not only will this be used to talk about our releases, but as we come across cool things, hard problems, anything else, we'll talk about them here as well. In addition, we have an open email list that anyone can subscribe to. Just follow this link and get signed up: .


A forum to allow those of us in Giraffe to help the Linux community in our own little ways.


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