Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

A Webcast for SourceJuicer - Web based automated build system for OpenSolaris

To make life simpler for folks who wants to contribute OSS code to OpenSolaris, SourceJuicer is a web based through where spec files (format derived from RPM) can be submitted and automatically build and and publish on the web. The built package which is pkg(5) format can then be installed through the browser with a single click into the OpenSolaris 2009.06.

Since the Beta day, SourceJuicer has came a long way. Came across this webcast from Markus Weber, well worth a look at this introductory webcast.

Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.11 Network Printers - auto-discovery using snmp

Presto is an effort to fill the printing gaps in Solaris/OpenSolaris. The idea of Presto is to automate the process of locating printers as much as possible. So now with the integration of OpenSolaris Print Manager, we can now:

  • auto-detect local USB printers and prompt user to create queue on a pre-filled dialog when it is first plugged in.
  • OpenSolaris Print Manager allows user to do more print queues and print jobs operations as I have previously blogged here.

One hidden jewel of Presto which is not available by default after installing OpenSolaris 2008.11 is the auto-discovery of network printers. Due the space constraint of Live CD, one of the package that the auto-discovery of network printer required is omitted from the Live CD, SUNMWsmmgr. To use this feature:

  • Launch Package Manager (a.k.a Add More Software) on the desktop
  • Search for 'SUNWsmmgr', you should see it is not installed
  • Click on the check box to its left
  • Click on Install/Update on the tool bar

After installation, you have to restart the following SMF services:

  • svcadm restart hal (the process /usr/lib/hal/hald-addon-network-discovery should be running)
  • svcadm enable printers:snmp (make sure that this service is started correctly)

Launch System->Administration->Print Manager, any network printer in your sub-net that talks snmp should be automatically added to the system and appear in the Print Manager. It will take about a minute for that to be shown.

More on-line documentation about the Print Manager is here

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

OpenSolaris Print Manager

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This is something I should have blogged about earlier, it is always very hard for me to do something that I have stopped doing for a little while and under time constraints. Better late than never...

The Phase II of the Presto project as detailed in section 4 of the paper had finally integrated into Solaris Nevada build 97 in mid August. A HUGE THANKS to Norm , Wendy, Calum for sticking in through phase I and II of the project. Though the greatest honors should be bestowed on Evan and Halton who resolved more than 90 bugs between them over the last few weeks before integration! Of course, they would be so great without all the bugs logged by Conny Cheng :).

So what are the features in this release:
o A shinning brand new Print Manager which supports Auto Detection of local USB printer. See this,
o It also auto-discover network printers when this service, svc:/network/device-discovery/printers:snmp is turned on
o Added queues are automatically reflected in the Print Manager Queue window.
o The Print Manager also provides a Printer Group view and a job view.
o The print system supported is LP, no CUPS yet (just to disappoint a few, sorry)

Details of the Printer Group is described in the paper above and also in my previous blog

Thanks to Juanita and Calum, we also integrated the Online Help into Nevada 99. Thanks go to Matt for dealing with the yelp required format. This has been truly a team worked project! It has been GREAT experience when there were times when I thought I would never see the end it :)

Update: Added the screen shot owned to Alberto (a.k.a ARC).

Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

OpenSolaris not selected by GSOC 2008

I am rather disappointed that GSOC (Google Summer of Code) 2008 have not selected OpenSolaris as one of the Open Source community to participate the programme this year. Rahul is the bearer of the bad news. The complete list of Open Source communities that made GSOC 2008 is here. Rahul thinks OpenSolaris is too big a project to be there. He suggested next year we should choose "Indiana" or "DTrace" instead.

It's such a pity that OpenSolaris itself not making it, I am saddened that my printing related proposals are now left on the long list of things to be done :(. Also missing a opportunity to be part if the mentoring experience. Well, we can always try again next year.

Friday Mar 14, 2008

GNOME 2.22 Released

GNOME 2.22 was released on schedule on 13th March 2008. The list of new features are here. The speed of announcement by the GNOME hacker, this blog entry literally is yesterday news. It is amazing how the community managed to pull it all together even when there was some doubts about the viability of the release back in December 2007. Well Done to All there!

GNOME 2.22 release on OpenSolaris is not official due until Nevada build 88 according to the current plan. The preview of that is actually in vermillion devel 86 if you know what I am talking about.

Update: Damien just sent out and email saying vermillion devel 86 is DOA . Workaround is on the way, but given many are on holidays over Paddy day and Easter. The wokaround is unlikely to be available until the holidays is over. So better off waiting for Vermillion 87.

Update 2: Good man, Damien has spent beyond his holidays and uploaded the HAL packages to make sure that vermillion devel 86 is working on download. Extra steps in the instruction is here. Kudos to Damien!

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

OpenSolaris Printing Demo - Organising printer Groups

Two Flash movies to demonstrate the Printers Group concept in Print Manager

[Read More]

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