Sunday Mar 29, 2009

Really Funny - Don't watch it in office without your head phone

My son shown my wife the video, it is so hilariously. Though I thought it can also be a Dad's song :)
Watch it but you have been warned!

Saturday Jun 28, 2008

13th Anniversary

That is 4745 days plus 4 days of the leap years (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008), Kathy and I married! We missed the previous 2 anniversaries because we arrived late in Hong Kong on the 28th June 2007 and my father in-law was undergoing cancer treatment at the time and in 2006, I was in GUADEC. So this year, we just have to celebrate this together!

So we celebrated the day with our children, doing all the tourist stuff in Hong Kong despite the poor weather and pouring rain.
The day started off with a bunch of roses delivered by forever-florist. After tremendous efforts of waking up the two kids around 11.00 a.m., we had the simple breakfast and make our way to Stanley Market, a nice little market place in Stanley (赤柱) which is at the southern west of Hong Kong Island. Very pleasant place, even though it is rather busy but it is relatively uncrowded compared with the rest of Hong Kong. Lots of TVB series are shot here as we recognized a number of the scenes. Had lunch at the Bay Side Restaurant which is right beside Stanley Market and the sea front. The place has a nice view, but the seafood laksa Lekma was extremely blant, I can cook better than that.

After lunch, a quick walk around the sea front and Murray house and taken some nice pictures of around the place. We set off to Repulse Bay, the most famous beach in Hong Kong. Coaches after coaches of tourists arrived and gone very quickly. The beach is fairly clean, but the sand is very coarse near the shore. Grace really enjoyed walking on the sand along the edge of the waves. However, we had stayed more than we ought to. We got caught in a sudden thunder storm, so with an umbrella I tried to cover her as much as possible. Still we were soaking wet, I was literally wet from inside out, top to bottom (well almost, my hairs were fairly dry). We ended have to buy Grace a T-shirt to change from Seven-Eleven.

Being soaking wet from the storm rain, we decided to go back to the house to get change and hoping to make back to Starry Walk for 8.00 p.m. where "A symphony of lights" is shown. A modern city creation, really, where lights on the high rise offices are made to dance with music. The traffic was bad, the taxi driver took us round the little mountain routes across the island. However, we were running short of time to get home and back again. So a last minute shopping trick, I brought a complete set of clothing (except shoes) from a near by shop and changed (using the shop changing room) and went on as planned.

We had a quick dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant called Double Star, service was good, foods were good. Though it is so remote from starry walk, the place is so quiet. We were the only customers. Kathy jokingly said, we have the whole restaurant just for our anniversary dinner!

The show started on time and was impressive, though I felt it was a bit short, lasted only 10 minutes. Caleb was slightly disappointed as it has not the fireworks displays shown from their website.

I have been reminded by Kathy, one thing we have not changed in 13 years. I am forever trying to fit in as many places as I can and she always prefers a more leisurely pace when comes to sight-seeing. Though we learnt to accept one and another despite our differences :)

Wednesday Sep 01, 2004

Back to School Time

Caleb and Grace gone back to school today. While Caleb just couldn't wait to mee his friends and class mates again. Grace has her typical grumpy morning. Didn't want to get up, fussy about where exactly she sit in the class. Have to be between two girls. Still started crying when the class started...Hope it gets better as years go on.

On the way to work and heard this radio interview, a young man (23) who have just managed to get into study medicine by scoring 595 points in the leaving certificate. After he graduated in his first degree (not sure what subject it was), decided to do medicine and went back to school and studied leaving certificate again. Strange system, one would expect having a first degree and applying for medicine should be more acceptable than taking on a 18 years old to do medicine. But... just have to follow the rules and systems.

Wednesday Aug 18, 2004

A round trip Manchester/Dublin in 5.5 hours

Yesterday I had to make a round between Dublin and Manchester within 5.5 hours. The purpose of the trip was really to escort my mum over. She has arrived in Manchester from Malaysia earlier that morning. In her old age and no knowledge of any English,someone just have to escort her when she travels.

SO I took the 9.50 a.m arrived in Manchester at 10.40 a.m. on budget Ryanair. Took a cab to the Yeng Shiong's house and took the same cab back to the airport. Essentially, mum and I got back to Manchester airport by 12 noon. Checked in for 13:15 flight and arrived back to Dublin around 14.15 and got home at 1500.

My round trip ticket all together cost me around 60 euro, but between the cab fee and parking fee which cost the same as my air ticket! Credit to Ryanair, it costs less than the land travel!

Wednesday Jul 07, 2004

Holidays comming up

I will be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow after missing the family for nearly 2 weeks. Grace's Cantonese has improved significantly even only after 10 days. Caleb does not have sound improvement, but he sure has improved in someways. Photo from Sports Day with Jonathan. Slowly ... Only be back to the office on the 26th July. Hope to get some nice pictures in Guiling, China also.

Wednesday Jun 30, 2004

Swimming in the Sea at kristiansand

Had a amazing experience yesterday, the weather was lovely and hot. So the beach has almost become irresistable. Even though the gang has chickened out, yep, Lazslo, Matt and Niall. So went to dip into the sea for s short while, really it was a bit like 5 minutes. It was COOLD! But what's an experience. Can feel that near the heart area alsmot. Well worth the experinece though. Would be nice bring the family around if the things are a bit cheaper.

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