Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

SUN Patch Day

Laszlo Peter who is better known to be Laca has just announced 11th July 2007 to be Sun Patch Day in an effort to work with community members to upstream all these (skeletons in the corset) patches! Granted there are abut 500 patches, but lots of these are branding patches which means they are included for Sun's specific branding or features.

I personally am responsible for the following patches and I just jolt down some comments to help with community members and maintainers should they want any of these upstream and those should not upstream:


# date:2006-10-20 type:bug bugster:6228176 owner:gheet
Patch7: gnome-vfs-07-audio-cd-show-icon.diff
# date:2005-04-13 type:bug bugster:6243507 owner:gheet
Patch8: gnome-vfs-08-trash-skip-copy.diff

GTK+ Backend for PAPI (OpenPrinting Standard Printing API). Would like to see this upstream and some tidi`y -up is necessary.
# date:2006-09-17 bugster:6494571 bugzilla:382676 owner:gheet type:bug
Patch11: gtk+-11-printing-papi-backend.diff

# owner:gheet date:2006-04-23 type:bug bugster:6418204,6194525
Patch1: libgnomeprint-01-papi-print-dialog.diff
# owner:gheet date:2006-08-10 type:bug bugster:6437235 bugzilla:345012
Patch2: libgnomeprint-02-evince-crash.diff
# owner:dcarbery date:2007-03-14 type:bug bugzilla:418595
Patch3: libgnomeprint-03-guchar-pointer.diff
# owner:gheet date:2006-04-23 type:bug bugster:6418204
Patch1: libgnomeprintui-01-papi-print-dialog.diff

This is a patch I believe may be due to the different between the Solaris and Linux signals system.
I have reported this in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=143590 but have never seen this in Linux.
#owner:gheet date:2004-06-03 type:bug bugster:5052479
Patch2: GConf-02-daemon-hanged-solaris.diff

This is a patch used by Sun's legacy applications which may run a GNOME GUI should the property GNOME_SM_DESKTOP is set. A useful hack though was refused may be harmless to include.
owner:gheet date:2004-08-06 type:bug bugster:5025823 bugzilla:98481
Patch1: gnome-session-01-gnome-atom.diff

This patch simply changes the purge warning delay to 30 seconds as according to the man page of gnome-session(1).
#owner:gheet date:2005-01-14 type:bug bugster:4978659
Patch4: gnome-session-04-reduce-purge-warn-delay.diff

This is the Trusted JDS patch based Trusted Extensions Framework, this requires some more coordination and review for this patch to be upstreamed.
owner:gheet date:2006-11-03 type:feature bugster:6393728
Patch6: gnome-session-06-trusted-extensions.diff


Branding patches, none of these should be upstreamed.
# date:2006-11-23 type:branding owner:gheet
Patch1: gnome-vfs-01-default-url-handler.diff
# date:2005-04-26 type:branding owner:gheet
Patch2: gnome-vfs-02-mime-info-file-path.diff
# date:2005-01-31 type:branding bugster:4951431 owner:gheet
Patch6: gnome-vfs-06-socks-version.diff

Sun's specific metacity Key binding
#owner:gheet date:2003-07-17 type:branding
Patch2: metacity-02-ctrl-esc-mod4-r.diff

These are patches that we created to deliver a Solaris print manager
# date:2007-02-06 type:branding owner:gheet
Patch1: printman-01-menu-entry.diff
# date:2007-02-06 type:branding owner:gheet
Patch2: printman-02-help-dir-changed.diff

Sun hipped a version of libgnomeprint-2 in GNOME 2.0 and we have to continue
shipping this set of libraries to maintain backwards compatibility.
# date:2007-02-06 type:brandisng owner:gheet
Patch3: printman-03-pkgconfig.diff

I will on the irc, irc://irc.gnome.org#sun-patches on 11th July 0900-1800 Beijing time.

Saturday Jun 30, 2007

Frustration with BA Baggage Handling in Hong Kong Airport

The family has arrived in Hong Kong International Airport on Thursday, 28th June, 2007 at 16:45 local time. Despite the rush to get onto the connection from Dublin due to a delay of over an hour, BA 027 has been kind enough to wait for many of the (at least 20) passengers from Dublin, Bravo to British Airways in this aspect.

A little upset at baggage collection to have found that one piece of the baggage containing all my children clothing and even Grace's teddy bear clothes was delayed in transits which is understandable.
We were give a receipt and was told by the baggage handler (whose name I do not want to shame as yet), that once the baggage has arrived, they will call us and deliver it to the residence. I was happy with that given that the same thing has happened to me the year before.

However, after 2 days, 30th June, ten of phone calls later. I am now most frustrated and unhappy. The phone numbers I was given, it can never ring through. The baggage handler has never called back. I tried to call BA today, but well to late for that, their office is closed. I rang the flight information and managed to get through to an operator, she kindly given me a number to call. What is more annoying is that number is not on the list on my receipt. Finally, she offered to pass on a message to the lost and found department with my information. I don't mind being told the baggage is further delayed, but without any update, we have to go shopping everything for clean clothing for our 2 kids.

So what can I do now, apart from waiting or if I have some times before I travel to Beijing on Monday morning making a direct query or complaint. Wonder anyone has similar experience in the past and how that got sorted.

UPATE: So we managed to talk to the a real person at the HKIA lost luggage office before I boarded the plane to Beijing. His explanation went like this. We couldn't get through the numbers because there are some many enquries of lost luggage everyday, they have over 100 calls a day handled by one person. So phone always in engaged mode. Secondly, our lost baggage is black in colour which is the most popular colour and without further details, it is almost impossible to track if the tag label is lost. So we told him that there is a little gold coloured pad lock on the bag. I am preparing for the worst, Caleb's Chelsea's shirt may end up in a place similar to this, http://www.travellady.com/issues/issue70/70u-lost.htm

Monday May 14, 2007

OpenSolaris Printing - Presto in Flash Demo

Norm Jacobs did a nice job in creating a flash demo on how the Presto project (Automatic Detection/Discovery Printers in OpenSolaris). Even though, the project is in its early stage of its full features, this flash demo clearly illustrates graphically what the project intends to achieve.

Friday May 04, 2007

Solaris Printing Experience - Presto

I once heard a Solaris senior director said (para-phrased to that effect), "If you (as developer) can endure the first 36 hours of using Solaris, you are hooked for the rest of development life". Indeed there are really cool technologies in Solaris and the building up of OpenSolaris community with the huge Java community, and the free tools that Sun gave away for free make Open development a practicality.

So what are these 36 hours of endurance that some developers complain about and wish it is easier. My guess there are four big things (after you got the Solaris Developer kits). Take these in chronological order, they would be:
1. Installation of the system
2. network/wireless drivers
3. graphics card setup
4. printer setup

2 and 3 are really part of the system installation. They are mandatory part of the process, so no matter how hard that part of the process is, it is generally took on by the user as part of life.

Setting up printer part is usually happened when the user has decided that he needs to read What's New on the train home or about to print his airline tickets, there is no printer to be found anywhere :(. So he starts hunting around wondering how he can hook up his free bubble jet printer to work. Wouldn't it be nice if he simply plugs in the printer and the system would simply set it up for him? Indeed that is the goals of the OpenSolaris project, Presto.

Presto aims to automatically (or as automatically as possible) discovering and configuring access to directly attached, network attached, and remotely served printers. The work here will be integrated into JDS so that the user's experience should be 'Just Works'. Details of the Presto project can be found here

The first prototype is now available for use, evaluation, feedback or whatever at can be found here. It works for USB printers for now. Try it out, play with it, do send us comment, either through the comment on this blog or at the forum, forum

It even has a dialog

Adding Queue

Wednesday Jul 05, 2006

GUADEC 7 - Impressions

The 7th GUADEC event was held between 24th and 30th June in Vilanova i la Geltrú, a mediterranean town situated 45km south of Barcelona and 45km north of Tarragona, and is only 20 minutes from Prat International Airport (Barcelona).

Now that the conference is over and after fixing up the urgent Real Work (TM) in the office, I thought it is nice to write down few things about this conference for the annul GNOME users and developers.

1. This is by far the biggest conference todate numerically. (Don't have the official number, but quite estimate it is very much 400+.

2. The Conference Corner Stone sponsor is Nokia, and they sure know how to make use of the conference to promote their presence in GNOME by sending the most number of attendees (about 20) and giving the most number of talks mainly via the works on maemo.org on the Nokia 770. I guess GNOME is the all encompassing umbrella for the Open Source technologies Nokia has adopted in the hand-held 770 embedded device while Maemo comunnity (www.maemo.org) is being built up.

3. Lots of passionate debates were involved in many of the sessions, including those of performances in GTK+, cleaning up of gnome-vfs, use of FUSE (http://fuse.sourceforge.net/), Printing support in GTK+.

4. Lot of talks surrounding Python bindings for GNOME. Although this is a interesting development, this also diversifies the development environment of GNOME potentially now into C, Python, Mono, and Java (when Sun open source it). These seem to be a lot of individuals in the conference would love to out their hands in Java, one really experience GNOME hacker even spoke to me who thinks Java is much better than Mono. Of course, he is to be remain anonymous :)

5. The communities are really warm to Sun's present comparing with 2 years ago when I was last there in the GUADEC conference in Kristiansand, Norway. Many technical disucssions were involved, many more social interactions involving drinking Spanish beers, Swapping of personal identity card were great crack!. The day usually starts from 9.30 a.m. and finishes around 1.00 -3.00 a.m., depending which conference buses can one catch at the end of the day.

So this is the best GUADEC conference I have attended thus far!

Next year, GUADEC will be in Birmingham, England.

Friday May 12, 2006

Sun Ray Simplicity

As one uses a system or software from time to time, there is always a sense of excitemnt when thing just works simply and elegantly. So that was one of those moment I came across yesterday.

As I have been working on the Trusted JDS project for the last number of months and we are at a point where some documentation needs to be written up, we managed to pull in a doc writer who is based in Germany. She came to spend a few days with the team and plan out what to write up. One of the support we need to provide for her of course is a system running TJDS that she can play with. As she is not well versed to set up the system herself, and given that we are about 1000km apart, the thing we can do is to set up a system so that she can remotely access between Hamburg and Dublin.

Since she typically uses Sun Ray to write her doc and do her work, and the Sun Ray roaming feature works fantastically. She put in her Sun ID card, and her session from Germany just displays in Dublin. So to allow her accessing a Trusted Desktop session from Germany to Dublin, I did the followings:
o Create her account on the Trusted Extension box with Sun Ray server running on it
o Create a launcher on her JDS panel
o use the Sun Ray utswitch command from her Sun Ray box(simply /opt/SUNWut/bin/utswitch -h in the laucher

Then as she clicks on the launcher, BANG, there the Trusted Login screen just appears right in front of her screen. She can then login and there is teh TJDS. The whole setup of her account on the Trusted Sun Ray server and launcher took 15 minutes of my time including verification. The best thing about this setup is that the only she needs to learn is the password (I set up for her), and to use of Ctrl-Power key when she wants to return to her home session.

Solute to the Sun Ray team on this one!

Wednesday Aug 10, 2005

Open definitely is the Buzz word

As OpenSolaris is picking up momentum, we see competitions are hotting up. Novell now has created the openSuSE community which is rebrand and release SUSE Professional as a community project according to this article.
The official website is at http://www.opensuse.org. I have not spent much times looking at what is on offered, but the fact they use the word, 'Open' makes me smile :).

Sunday Jun 19, 2005

GNOME Desktop Number in some perspective

Just found this which said,
HP today announced that it has set an industry-first milestone by shipping more than 1 million Linux servers to customers since 1998, 45 percent more than any other major hardware vendor.

This implies that HP plus the second vendor has shipped together just under 2 millions copies of Linux servers. Now that I am not sure how many subsequent vendors are there. My guess it would not more than 5 major vendors who ship Linux server in major numbers, I guess these include IBM, Redhat and SuSE.

Looking at these number from the desktop perspective, in particular GNOME. We know the major version of GNOME 2.0 was shipped in 2000. Therefore, many of these server shipped did not include a major version of GNOME Desktop. Most data indicated that Linux Server is the first being adopted, therefore we can reliably assume that there are more copies of Linux server shipped than there are copies for Deesktop. Assume HP has shipped a copy of GNOME with its server since and assuming linux is getting more popular than ever before, we assume 90% of the 1 million copies were shipped since 2000. This means 900,000 copies of GNOME were shipped. Pretty impression.

But looking at the Solaris 10 download number, closer to 2 million download since 31st of January 2005. Solaris 10 does bundles both CDE and GNOME 2.6 branded as JDS (Java Desktop System). Assuming half of the number downloaded uses GNOME as their desktop, we are talking about 1 million JDS/GNOME users. Pretty much the same number as the HPs Linux servers. If the GNOME community is looking to spread GNOME as the Open Source Desktop, please do not ignore these numbers!

I know some think Solaris is a pain, is really the last Unix competitor to fight against! But for the Open Source GNOME community, Solaris is really a competitor you should love to hold onto. With Solaris, suddenly, you are 2 million bettter than KDE )

Monday Apr 11, 2005

Where have I been in the World

create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Nice little utilities. Surely that wouldn't work that well for the high flyers and frequent world troppers like Scott or Jonanthan. What they need is a colour map which represents years has not been there. Then, it could be a good visual tools to know which countries to re-visit.

Saturday Jan 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All!
This has been an unusual Christmas break. It snowed on Christmas day, the first one for me for the 25 years living in Europe!

Then the sad news of Tsunami in South East Asia. Of course I was a bit shocked before I heard the full news as mmy Mum and brother just went back to Malaysia before Christmas. Especially, a few moment of anxioety when the home phone just could not connect. Thanks God, the areas affected were far away from Sandakan, Sabah.

Monday Dec 20, 2004

Christmas - what is it all about?

When I was driving home a couple of Sunday ago after church service, I had this interesting conversation with my kids. The older one is 8 years old and the younger one is 5 and a half. As they are learning about Christmas is about the birth of Jesus from Sunday school, I deduced that they began seeing the significant of the event based on the conversation I had with them.

As the younger one said on Christmas day she is going to get lot of present and of course it is also the birth of baby Jesus, so I asked her if you do not get any present on Christmas day, will you be happy? She replied, "No. there got to be present!"

So I went on to ask my son, "Would you be happy if you don't get any present?"
He replied quite quickly, "Of course, because it is Jesus' birthday"
Then, within the next 2 seconds, he continued, " Actually, I will be rather sad if I don't get any present. But it is okay too because it is Jesus' birthday."

I can see that while they don't really understand the significant meaning of Christmas, which according to the Gospel of Luke 2:8-11 " And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."
Simply put the message of Christmas is: "A Saviour for all the people was born".

But I admire their simple hearts, saying exactly what they think and how they feel. Sometimes it is easier for an 8 years old just to give an answer what the adult expected of them just for approval, but I am glad he didn't.

Despite what I had said, they are going to get lots of presents this Christmas (not all from us)! Of course, deep down my hope is that they will come to grip with the real meaning of Christmas as proclaimed by the angels on the first Christmas for that is the best Christmas present they can ever receive

Friday Dec 03, 2004

Bewley Cafe - Gone forever

For the Irish and the Dubliners, the Bewley Cafe has a rather significant place the their hearts. It finally closed down this Tuesday, 3oth November 2004 at 6.00 p.m. I attempted to have a last go at the place, but only arrived at 6.45 p.m. Pity :(. Though I am not really qualified to speak for the Irish, as I am only a naturalised one and not a real Paddy. Still Bewley has been special to me too. As I was studying in Trinity College when I first arrived in Dublin back in 1986, Bewley at Westmoreland street became a rather convinient meeting place with friends for evening tea or lunch.

In particular, George Morrison, a Scott and also my spiritual father seems to enjoy this place very much. I remember Kathy said we are like two 'mi chun gao soa' chatting away and nobody else can understand nor hear us well. Partly because George's ascent is so hard to understand and my tone is so low. Well, I can only reminiscent over these at other time.

Found this picture from the web and that is Bewley Cafe at Grafton street.Bewley's cafe

Wednesday Nov 17, 2004

Solaris on x86 is the Growth Factor

Just read this article from The Register about what Sun should do about Solaris 10. The Register has always fond of Sun's strategies even through the down turn. This is one article which really saying Sun should do more with Solaris x86. It sounds most compelling.

Monday Nov 15, 2004

Novell Linux Desktop

Here is a review of the NLD 9 by lxer. Interesting comments about the decision of choosing GNOME or KDE. Man the compettion is on as Novell also priced that at $50 per user per year. Even though the main desktop components are based on GNOME 2.6, they have many add-ons which are beyond 2.6 such as Evolution and version of Firefox.

Thursday Oct 28, 2004

Free Web Based course - A Quick Introduction to What's New in Solaris 10

While there are a lot of excitement is being generated as Open Solaris debut is counting down by the days. I spotted in someone's blog about this free web based course which provides a quick introductions to what is new in Solaris 10. After spending less than an hour, I began to appreciate much more of the Dtrace scripts which I took for granted from other websites. Finally, I have created my first zone ever on my Sun Blade. I was surprised how easy it is to create one, but yet at the same time was slightly disappointed with the amount of files(300+)/packages(1400+) it copied over during the zone creation. I guess one of the reason is that the many locales on my machine. Of course, all these zones creation can be scripted and run over night. I am wondering how much time it will take for John Clingan to create 500 zones on his Ultra 10.

Next step is to see how do I get JDS runs in zones, may be it has been done before. May be it is not designed for this purpose where graphics device is not meant to be shared. I am happy to see anyone else has tried.

Friday Oct 22, 2004

First experince of Dtrace on Solaris 10

Well, as the work of getting nasty bugs fixes to be in before Solaris 10 FCS, this week is almost the first time I explore Dtrace to do things that truss nor dbx can not achieve. To debug something like what happen to your program when the network cable is snapped. While I have not been able to get all the information I need, that is to find out why a particular pollsys comes from and why it uses more times than others. I find it is surprisingly intuitive, even though at first it is rather scarely.

Definitely a must learnt thing for anyone is doing any bug fixes in Solaris.

Friday Oct 08, 2004

More Goodie links related to JDS

First of all Dan Baigent has brought us to the attention of this nice website where it speaks favourably of JDS and lots of goodies ready to be installed and used.

Seocndly Steve Jay's ipod on S10 reminds me that we should take a look at gtkpod in the near future.

Thursday Oct 07, 2004

Excellent Article on JDS

Really gotten this reference from Jim Grisanzio's blog and tt is really comprehensive article, Thanks Jim.

Of course there is that encouragement from Jim's statement "And I bet that JDS will be one of the critical applications that helps drive community involvement in OpenSolaris." and that is kindlike strange in that OpenSolaris would include also OSS projects like GNOME and OpenOffice.Org from within. That would be too big a chuck to bite. Still....wait and see.

Wednesday Sep 15, 2004

GNOME 2.8 Released Today

Just announced GNOME 2.8 is released. See release page. Evolution 2.0 is now part of the GNOME release!.

VOIP on Linux - Skype

Sometimes ago when I heard about Skype and tried it on JDS 1, I got some very bad experiences. But the Skype engineer did notice my gripe and comment on my incorrect setup, which is really nice of them. Thanks Janne

Since then things go busier and distracted. My colleage sitting next to me said he has just tried it on a Mac. It works very nicely even though the quality of sound is far from perfect but it is usable an is definitely a lot cheaper making phone call this way especially to places in Russia.

Today I came across this article which gave lots of details about the current status of Skype which I think it is well worth sharing the information.

Thursday Sep 09, 2004

Making Airport your home

As I was listening to Marian Finucane this morning. She interviewed some who had made a film about a person who have been living in the terminal 1 of the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, since 26 August 1988. How can anyone do that, though this sound bizzare and unbelievable; but it is true. You can read the story some some lengthy details here. I think the saddest thing is while he could leave now but after living there for so long, he is too afraid to live somewhere else.

Wednesday Sep 01, 2004

Back to School Time

Caleb and Grace gone back to school today. While Caleb just couldn't wait to mee his friends and class mates again. Grace has her typical grumpy morning. Didn't want to get up, fussy about where exactly she sit in the class. Have to be between two girls. Still started crying when the class started...Hope it gets better as years go on.

On the way to work and heard this radio interview, a young man (23) who have just managed to get into study medicine by scoring 595 points in the leaving certificate. After he graduated in his first degree (not sure what subject it was), decided to do medicine and went back to school and studied leaving certificate again. Strange system, one would expect having a first degree and applying for medicine should be more acceptable than taking on a 18 years old to do medicine. But... just have to follow the rules and systems.

Thursday Aug 26, 2004

Another JDS win

Just read about this NHS Tactical Desktop It is good news, yet feeling that there are much need to be done. There are 1.2 millions desktop in NHS. If Sun only got 5000 out of the 1.2 millions, one can not claim that it is huge success, can't we?

I guess what we can do is to continue to strive to make it a better product and be pround of it when it is getting good review and increase sales. Still deployment of such as a size and noticable organisation will create credibility for the product and the company.

Friday Aug 20, 2004


Open Source movement are getting into higher gear! The Software CTO office in Sun is organising a 1 day summit on Software Open Source in September in Santa Clara. Don't know who the speakers are yet, but certainly with external experts and internal Open Source veterans, I guess.

I hope this is a milestone summit, where many more will be organised in the coming years. Changing mind-set takes times and to propagate through the large company like Sun take tremendous amount of efforts and time. But like Jonanthan said, Open Source is more than just a way of doing software, it is a Social Movement . You can't beat a Social Movement, you can either stand still and join them. Of course, joining Open Source does not imply one drop one priorities completely; rather one should align if at all possible which is the most acceptable approach. Learning from others (success or failure) seems like the excellent start.

Wednesday Aug 18, 2004

A round trip Manchester/Dublin in 5.5 hours

Yesterday I had to make a round between Dublin and Manchester within 5.5 hours. The purpose of the trip was really to escort my mum over. She has arrived in Manchester from Malaysia earlier that morning. In her old age and no knowledge of any English,someone just have to escort her when she travels.

SO I took the 9.50 a.m arrived in Manchester at 10.40 a.m. on budget Ryanair. Took a cab to the Yeng Shiong's house and took the same cab back to the airport. Essentially, mum and I got back to Manchester airport by 12 noon. Checked in for 13:15 flight and arrived back to Dublin around 14.15 and got home at 1500.

My round trip ticket all together cost me around 60 euro, but between the cab fee and parking fee which cost the same as my air ticket! Credit to Ryanair, it costs less than the land travel!

Monday Aug 16, 2004

JDS - Just can't tell them apart

As I was sitting at the lab burning some CDs, and was looking for a machine to start up a browser. I found a Dell box right beside me and having JDS running on it, so I tried to launch the Mozilla browser from the Launch bar, nothing happens. Instinctively as an engineer, I tried to start up a terminal, still nothing comes up. The last resort is to power down and up the machine. While I was doing all these things I was thinking all alone this is a Linux box.

I was kindly caught by surprise when the machine boot up, it is running Solaris! Well, just like the Chinese saying, "Do not judge a person by his look". A consistent looking Desktop can really do well to hide the underlying OS and allow users to concentrate on their tasks.

P.S. The problem turned out to be the machine as not connected to a network at all.

Tuesday Aug 10, 2004

a Billion $ idea

Okay, may be a bit exaggerated! Still here is the idea!
One thing I noticed is that someone I know who really enjoyed shopping over the internet, well being software engineer and working in the advanced technology company seems normal. E-commerce, e-shopping. etc.

The bit of online-shopping no body enjoyed is waiting for the delivery, for good security reason, companies do not deliver the goods to an address other than your statement address which usually is your home. Guess what kind of hour the delivery comes to your door, office hours, that is when the courier works. How many times the goods were delivered when you are not at home? How many phone calls you have to make then to the courier to make sure that the goods will be delivered to you again in the hours that you are at home? How much times did you wasted waiting for the courier to come?

Why can't the goods just deliver to you office which is where you are most likely to be during office hours. Okay security reason.

But if your credit card company would allow you to register an alternate address with a small fee. Therefore, it can authenticate to the online company that the alternate address indeed is a valid one. How much would the customers pay for this services? Could be quite a bit seeing the pain that my friend went through.

Wednesday Aug 04, 2004

The Referers count puzzled me

As I have not been blogging for quite a bit because of my holidays in Hong Kong and China for 2 weeks in July. I got a surpise when I did the one blog since I came back, my referers hits jumped ahead and put me in the top 50 position and Jonanthan only surpassed me during the last couple of days. I am still curious as to how it is being counted. I had intention not to blog for the week and still see the rate of acceleration, does this mean I am a popolar guy now :).

Sunday Jul 25, 2004

JDS Community Help website

Try JDSHelp.Org, a help website seemed to have started by a number of people who are not really from Sun. Well as far as I can tell. There isn't much contents at the moment. But if we do hellp them out and they help us out, it is not a bad way to get a win-win community favoured distribution from Sun's customers as well as the open source community. In some sense, JDS is by growing and need to grow faster and better! Details of the website is here.

Wednesday Jul 07, 2004

Holidays comming up

I will be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow after missing the family for nearly 2 weeks. Grace's Cantonese has improved significantly even only after 10 days. Caleb does not have sound improvement, but he sure has improved in someways. Photo from Sports Day with Jonathan. Slowly ... Only be back to the office on the 26th July. Hope to get some nice pictures in Guiling, China also.

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