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  • July 30, 2006

Zones R Us

Guest Author

Trusted Extensions extends Solaris 10 Containers (zones)  by
associating unique sensitivity labels with zones. The interaction
between zones and labels, and the various steps involved in zone
management can be confusing. Although Trusted Extensions provides a set
of CDE Administrative Actions to hide some of the details, it is still
too complicated and error prone

I have written a script, txzonemgr, to manage labeled zones in a structured manner
which simplifies and automates many of these steps. The script uses
zenity(1) to provide a point and click interface. As zones are
transitioned from one state to another, only valid choices are
presented. The script supports the complete zone life-cycle, including
configuration, installation, label assignment, starting, stopping, making
snapshots, uninstalling, and deleting.

Obviously you can't run the script unless you are already running
Trusted Extensions. So now you have another reason to try it out.

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