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  • December 20, 2008

Suspend and Resume in OpenSolaris 2008.11

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One of the significant new features in OpenSolaris 2008.11 is support for Suspend and Resume. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't show up in the GUIs when Trusted Extensions is enabled. This is similar to the problem with the nwam-manager discussed in the previous blog entry, but the workaround is a bit different.

The HAL daemon is responsible for granting permission to the user to suspend the system, and the daemon isn't be started properly when the TX user logs in. I worked around this be creating an executable shell script,


with the following two lines:


svcadm restart hal

The next time you login you should see the Suspend option in the Shut Down dialog and Power Management Preferences. Now you can suspend by closing the lid on your laptop. However, I found another issue with NWAM, so I have yet another workaround. When resuming after being suspended, NWAM doesn't automatically detect the your network status. I added the following line to the end of the shell script


(before the exit):

svcadm restart nwam

Now, I get connected to the new network when I resume my system.

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