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Automatic Installation of Trusted Extensions

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If you have recently installed Trusted Extensions on OpenSolaris (since build 71), you may have noticed that the number of packages listed in the Install Wizard is shrinking. This is a feature, not a bug.

We are currently migrating all of the Trusted Extensions packages into standard Solaris metaclusters, and expect to complete this process by OpenSolaris build 76. At that time there will be no separate installation step for Trusted Extensions.

Starting with OpenSolaris build 71, you specify the labeling behavior of the system via the SMF service,  labeld. To enable labeling,  you should run this command:

svcadm enable labeld

This setting will take effect on the next system boot.

It is now also possible to disable the multilevel behavior by disabling the service, and rebooting. However, you won't be permitted to do so unless you have removed your labeled zones. We will contiunue to enforce the MLS policy as long as there is labeled data on the system.

We plan to backport these changes into a future update of Solaris 10.


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