Samstag Jun 13, 2009

2009.06 and NTFS (rw)

again - just because people told me that my last description doesn't seem to work ...

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Dienstag Mrz 24, 2009

how to share directory between windows and opensolaris

solaris and windows were in the past two worlds where you needed to install additional software to be able to access each other (e.g. Samba...) with opensolaris things changed and became much easier. Here a short note for me and who is interested on how to connect your opensolaris pc to any other windows pc share...[Read More]

Mittwoch Nov 19, 2008

SGD Help

if you want to access SGD Servers with an opensolaris 2008.05 client
you will have to make a modification

scp root@solaris-10-u-4-x86-machine:/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/.

so copy the file from a solaris 10 update 4 x86 installation to the opensolaris installation
otherwise you will not be able to loginto your sgd server

Dienstag Nov 11, 2008

NTFS mounting rw on opensolaris 2008.11

how to installing the latest stable ntfs-3g build 1.5012 on opensolaris 2008.11 [Read More]

installing opensolaris 2008.11 over Solaris CEX (build 98)

pretty straight forward - pay attention if you had a Solaris with UFS installed before[Read More]

Donnerstag Nov 06, 2008

mounting ISO images in Solaris

I know - "everybody" is aware of lofiadm and how to mount an iso file in Solaris/\*nix. You just would need to look here.

But for my convenience and documentation I made some simple scritps which makes it easier for me.

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Donnerstag Okt 02, 2008

Installing Solaris Express CE/OpenSolaris on my Toshiba Tecra M9

see how I installed Solaris Community Edition (build 98) on my Toshiba Tecra M9[Read More]

Sonntag Apr 20, 2008

Amazing easy - Solaris 10 as iSCSI target

Amazing easy
– Solaris 10 as iSCSI target

modifying a single boot disk Solaris (x86) to a mirrored boot disk Solaris (x86) and create iSCSI targets with help of ZFS (and friends)


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Montag Aug 06, 2007

Cool GDM Login Sreens

do you want a cool login screen for your \*nix or Solaris or of course opensolaris?

I saw a few days ago on the laptop of one of my colleagues a really nice one - so I started to search for it and guess what?
a lot of great people created cool logins...

So e.g. chandan created one for Eco-Responsability which looks like 
GDM login screen for your cool new UltraSPARC T1 processors with CoolThreads™ technology
by the way - if you want to know more about Suns' Eco - Responsability see here

But the one why I started to search is this one
also from chandan so thanks to him for creating that

A GDM theme

Installing Wonderland

so ... starting my first blog

I was wondering what might be interesting for people so I realized that many colleagues are writing about their experience and knowledge. I think that's a good idea so I start with my experience setting up wonderland.

If you wonder what wonderland is you should visit the website of this open source project.

So what did I do.

  1. Installed Solaris Express Developer Edition
    this was very straight forward on my Ultra 40
    and I was ready within 45 minutes
  2. I went to
    because I like the way to install software with pkg-get
    downloaded and installed pkg-get (straight forward again)
  3. Then installed the cvs with pkg-get -i cvs-1.11.22
    I also installed the JDK 6 (just in case and because it was mentioned on the project page)
  4. Then went to the project website of wonderland and followed the instructions
    export CVSROOT=:pserver:<myjava.netaccountname>
    cvs login
    cvs co lg3d-wonderland
  5. After that I was nearly done
    I just opened another terminal to start with the server
    cd /opt/wonderland/lg3d-wonderland
    /usr/sfw/bin/ant run-sgs
    the starting ends with
    [java] INFO: Wonderland: application is ready
  6. opend again another terminal  to start the client software
    cd /opt/wonderland/lg3d-wonderland
    /usr/sfw/bin/ant run

    and logged in with an user account which is on the system

So everything worked fine so far. The wonderland world already had MPK20 as world attached so I even didn't have to create a world from scratch.Login procedure

See the world

The next steps now will be

  • enabling the voice bridge and
  • sharing applications within the wonderland
  • and perhapse customizing the world

So why did I install the software? - Well a lot of people are talking about virtual worlds but this project has also this interesting component of the voice bridge which gives the possibility to have more ways in communicating during confcalls or videocalls than any other product I'm aware.

So I'm really excited in now getting the voice bridge enabled.
Stay tuned...

Dienstag Jun 07, 2005

Useful stuff I've stumbled across.

Of course, these are my personal views only and they don't necessarily reflect my employer's views. Just use common sense when reading this blog.

blincks and hints around my work


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