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  • October 21, 2015

"Who are these people?!" -- exploring the community-driven NetBeans t-shirt

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

In alphabetical order, the community-driven NetBeans t-shirt incorporates logos from the following organizations (of which there could be many many many more, but there's only so much space on a t-shirt):

  • AgroSense—organization set up by Timon and Eva Veenstra in Groningen, the Netherlands. Timon is a NetBeans Dream Team member. AgroSense uses NetBeans IDE for their development work and has developed a precision agriculture system on top of the NetBeans Platform.

  • Anahata—software development company with presence in Perth and Melbourne where NetBeans IDE is heavily used as evidenced in the article Anahata: Our Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

  • cismetLong-term supporters and users of NetBeans IDE and a NetBeans partner for having created the Beanmill Logging Viewer plugin.

  • Codename One—mobile application solution provider using NetBeans IDE and a NetBeans partner for having created the Codename One plugin.

  • Davidson—new on the NetBeans scene, recently hosted the NetBeans Day in Paris and will be hosting more NetBeans events in the future. Nebrass Lamouchi works there and has written an excellent part in the series My Five Favorite NetBeans Features, focusing on Maven, Java EE, and AngularJS, and did a session at NetBeans Day Paris on this topic.

  • DukeScript—organization run by Toni Epple, NetBeans Dream Team member, focused on bringing Java back into the browser, instead of JavaScript.

  • Everlaw—new on the NetBeans scene, arriving there with a bang, consisting of their announcement that they've open sourced their TypeScript plugin for NetBeans IDE, which was a big surprise to everyone.

  • Gluon—organization founded by Johan Vos, NetBeans Dream Team member in Belgium, providing JavaFX and mobile-related solutions and services, making use of NetBeans IDE.

  • IDR Solutions—organization founded by Mark Stephens, NetBeans Dream Team member in England, focused on PDF technologies via JavaFX, HTML5 and related solutions.

  • jClarity—performance and tuning related organization formed by several NetBeans Dream Team members, including Martijn Verburg and Kirk Pepperdine, as well as Ben Evans, who has also put together an O'Reilly Java training course where NetBeans IDE is used throughout.

  • Liquid Robotics—organization where James Gosling, founder of Java, and big fan of NetBeans IDE, works as CTO, focused on using NetBeans IDE to program robots out at sea.

  • Neuroph—open source organization in Belgrade, Serbia, founded by Zoran Sevarac, NetBeans Dream Team member, as part of an open source laboratory at the University of Belgrade, making neural networking frameworks and tools available on top of the NetBeans Platform.

  • Pinkmatter Solutions—long term NetBeans users in South Africa, led by Chris Bohme, focused on artificial intelligence solutions, in particular the free and open source Maltego, while also having open sourced and provided the Pinkmatter Ribbon toolbar, used in many applications on the NetBeans Platform around the world.

  • PluralSight—new on the NetBeans scene, co-sponsor of the exclusive NetBeans Party to be held on Saturday, 24 October, and hosting provider for technical on-line videos and training courses, interested in getting NetBeans users involved in making new content available there.

  • PrimeFaces—longterm users and supporters of NetBeans in Turkey, in the creation of their Java EE component library, PrimeFaces.

  • TestFairyNetBeans partner for the creation of a plugin that connects NetBeans to the on-line crowd-testing services for Android and iOS applications.

  • Visual Paradigm—UML modeling tooling organization and NetBeans partner for their creation of the Visual Paradigm plugin for NetBeans IDE and co-sponsor of the exclusive NetBeans party to be held on Saturday, 24 October.

  • VisualVM—the popular JDK tool for performance troubleshooting, created on the NetBeans Platform.

Of the above, a very big and special thanks to the following, for having helped to sponsor the t-shirt: Everlaw, IDR SolutionsPinkmatter Solutions, PrimeFaces, and TestFairy.

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  • Denver Friday, January 29, 2016

    can you please let me know the process of getting the T-shirt for an Organization.

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