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  • November 11, 2013

Upcoming Enhancements in AngularJS Integration in NetBeans IDE

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

New bleeding edge enhancements in AngularJS support in NetBeans IDE enable many more controllers to be found than in NetBeans IDE 7.4. The next version of NetBeans IDE parses all JavaScript files and checks for defined AngularJS controllers, such as the below:

All recognized AngularJS controllers are offered in code completion, as shown below.

In other words, code completion works better in finding AngularJS controllers.

Another improvement is in the "Go To Declaration" feature. When you click Ctrl+Mouse over the name of a controller inside an NG-controller directive, you will be navigated to the related controller declaration.

More accurate results can be shown in code completion mainly because there are changes in the generation of JavaScript virtual sources in an AngularJS page.

Other awesome AngularJS features, already in NetBeans IDE 7.4:


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Comments ( 3 )
  • guest Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    You guys keep on finding ways for me to use the developer releases. Every year you somehow know what technologies I'm using most and create cool features to help me out. It's almost as if you are watching me ;)

    Let us know when the bits are available.

  • guest Friday, April 4, 2014

    Just started using NetBeans 8.0 to do HTML 5 development having upgraded from NetBeans 7.4.

    Wow, what a difference. Just seems like the NetBeans folks been reading my mind.

    Thanks much for all the useful improvements.

  • Jaminyah Saturday, April 5, 2014

    So after much frustration with updating the JavaScript(JS) libraries in NetBeans(NB) 8.0 on Ubuntu 13.10 I finally decided to remove and re-install NB with the latest jdk-8-*.sh download.

    Worked marvelously. So I decided to take a chance and experiment with updating the JS libraries on this latest download of NB. With the previous download a month ago, on updating the JS libraries I now had absolutely no library. Zero, zilch.

    Ok, so with fingers crossed I pressed the update button hoping to update from angular-1.15 to angular-1.2.16. Great now there is some activity indicator showing something is happening. So, I waited and waited and waited for oh 40 minutes.

    I don't mind waiting 40 minutes, but here is my complaint. If I am creating an Angular.JS project and want to update to the latest angular library, why should I wait 40 minutes for knockoutJS and all other JS libraries to update. Shouldn't I be able to just update the angular library by making a selection from a checkbox option. If I don't use knockoutJS or any other JS library for another month why should I be kept waiting 40+ minutes for those libraries to be updated.

    Also, while waiting 40+ minutes for an update wouldn't be great to be able to tell if the update is 10%, 20%, etc complete. There is currently no indication of how far along the update has progressed.

    Thanks for all your efforts with improving this great tool.

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