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  • August 19, 2005

Unleash the Power of Web Services!

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
They're drafts, but they're pretty solid nonetheless... two new tutorials that explain (step-by-step, including code and a downloadable sample) how to consume web services. Part 1 is very simple -- little more than a quick start guide. Part 2 goes into a lot more detail, looks at a lot of the nuts and bolts (but only as far as you need to know about them) and leaves you with a friendly front-end that interacts with a spellcheck web service.

Consuming Web Services in NetBeans IDE 4.1 (Part 1)

Consuming Web Services in NetBeans IDE 4.1 (Part 2)

Yes, if you're familiar with Eating Web Services in NetBeans IDE 4.1, then both the above draft tutorials will look very familiar to you! However, the tutorials have a lot of additional info, together with a downloadable sample and easy to follow steps. Thanks to John, Gregg and Lukas for their feedback on that blog entry.

Although both tutorials are works in progress, any feedback would be very highly appreciated!

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