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UI Component Extensions for ABCS (Part 1: Custom Components)

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Once you're comfortable with Oracle JET, consider taking the next step: Application Builder Cloud Service (ABCS).

No, ABCS isn't simply a drag-and-drop development environment for citizen developers. Instead, it's an architecture for software developers to establish a drag-and-drop development environment for citizen developers! In other words, you can extend ABCS specifically for your business developers, with components that you define yourself... using Oracle JET. Or, more exactly, by creating Knockout components, which underpin the concepts used in Oracle JET.

Below, you see the "Hello World" scenario from the Knockout tutorials. It is part of an application created in ABCS by means of a "Custom Code" component. In the below, look on the left side in the palette, at the end, where you'll see "Custom Code": 

Drag that into the canvas and then automatically the editors you see below open up, so that you can define your custom component:

Above, you can see that there's an HTML view and business logic in JavaScript, using a "define" block provided by Require.js, with data binding made available by Knockout.js. With your Oracle JET background, or with a generic Knockout background, you should immediately know what to do with the above. I.e., replace the boilerplate code with something like the above, in other words, with the view and viewModel of your custom component, as shown above for the "Hello World" scenario.

And above you see the application deployed directly from ABCS. Really neat, the concept of "developing for the Cloud, in the Cloud".

Further reading: http://likeahouseafire.com/2016/09/17/custom-code-components-in-abcs/

Continue to part 2.

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