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  • November 14, 2005

Two Fantastic New NetBeans Blogs

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
In the entire time that I've been blogging, I don't think I've recommended anyone else's blog, even once. I don't even have a little list of 'recommended blogs', like most—maybe even all—other bloggers do. The reason I never did that is that I was afraid of excluding someone, then having to add them out of politeness, and then finding the list becoming really long and increasingly meaningless. And even within my blog entries themselves, I've only referred to individual blog entries by other people (and then only occasionally), never to entire blogs.

So, the fact that I'm going to break this tradition and recommend two new blogs really says something about them. With that introduction, here they are...

  • Pavel Buzek's blog. Pavel is one of the lead developers in NetBeans. He's one of a handful of people who can be called a 'true authority' on just about everything in the NetBeans area, specifically in the J2EE/web area. Excitingly, he's one of a small group of developers working on the NetBeans implementation of Java EE 5. (By the way, here is a presentation on it by Java Technology Architect Sang Shin.) So, for example, his blog (only a week or two old), provides complete quick starts for annotations for EJB injection and Java EE 5 persistence support. This blog is really brilliant, because you're able to follow developments in this area as they happen.

  • Petr Blaha's blog. Petr is the team lead for the QE group working in the J2EE/web area. He's especially interested in EJB-related aspects, such as the intricacies of CMP mapping and (wow, something I just saw in his blog is something I need in the Struts area—using DTO patterns) other advanced J2EE concerns. When the docs team worked on converting the J2EE-specific sections of the J2EE 1.4 Tutorial to NetBeans, Petr and his team converted most of the J2EE samples to NetBeans projects. So, I can tell you that his help and insight have been invaluable for the docs team. Maybe they'll be the same for you!

I highly recommend the above two blogs, not because I like Pavel and Petr, but because I know they are really knowledgeable in a technical sense (i.e., don't expect any spin, marketing, or fluff of any kind) in the areas about which they blog.

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