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  • March 2, 2015

Transcript of "Free Open Source Tools" OTN Virtual Technology Session

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

The OTN Virtual Technology Sessions have now happened in two timezones, for the Americas and for EMEA. The final edition in the current series is for the APAC timezone, on March 4th, from 9:30 to 13.00 IST.

Read all about it here:


As you can see in the image above, while watching the pre-recorded screencasts, you can chat with moderators, who are generally the people involved in the making of the screencasts. I'm the one who made the screencast for "Free Open Source Tools for Maven, HTML5, IoT, and Java EE" and moderated the session. During the most recent one, for EMEA, there was quite some discussion, i.e., a lot of questions were asked while the screencast was being watched by quite a lot of people. Some wanted to see the transcript because a lot of info was shared. So, here it is! 

  • How much NetBeans costs? 
    It's free! Get it from netbeans.org -- free and open source.

  • Which plugin I need for using Maven in NetBeans? 
    Good question. No plugin needed. NetBeans natively supports Maven. No installation or configuration need.

  • What is "Internet of Things" doing here with JavaEE, Maven, and HTML5? I know internet is hugely connected with web applications but what is the specific reason here?
    Well, these are the key features of NetBeans -- it is a great tool for doing development for IoT, Java EE, Maven, and HTML5. That's why they're all included here, because NetBeans provides great tools for working with all of them, separately, or together.

  • It seems NetBeans is for more than just Java?
    Definitely! There's a special download bundle of NetBeans which is ONLY for doing HTML5 frontend development. All for free, which you can use together with or instead of Sublime or WebStorm. For free.

  • Your NetBeans looks faster and better than mine.
    That's because I'm using the "Dark Look and Feel Themes" plugin and because I have a very small version of NetBeans, which only contains HTML5 frontend tools, get it for free from netbeans.org/downloads.

  • Everything you mentioned so far is for free. Which products do we have to license?
    Nothing to license. All free. :-) Nothing in or with NetBeans is for any money at all, no licensing, whatever, etc. Free.

  • Bower, Node.js, Angular... what's going on here?! NetBeans has support for all of these? Even test coverage for JavaScript files?
    Yup, you're right, NetBeans is great.

  • Where can we find out more about all of this?

  • At the bottom of your screen it seems you have a browser inside NetBeans?
    Yes, very useful feature -- an embedded browser. I use it all the time.

  • What about MongoDB? Does NetBeans support it?
    There's MongoDB plugins on the Plugin Portal: http://plugins.netbeans.org

  • Does NetBeans have a presence on social media?
    Yes! New tips and tricks every day at facebook.com/netbeans, twitter.com/netbeans, and many moves at the NetBeans YouTube channel.

  • Where are the NetBeans YouTube videos found?

  • Is NetBeans a good replacement for Eclipse?
    Definitely. The Maven integration in NetBeans is much better than in Eclipse. The HTML5 tools too. For Java EE, there's no better IDE than NetBeans. 

  • Is NetBeans fast?
    For me, it takes 9 seconds to start up the HTML5 distribution of NetBeans. No JDK required for this, only the JRE.

  • How much does the enterprise version of NetBeans cost?
    NetBeans is 100% free. If you ever find yourself giving anyone any money for NetBeans, you can be 100% that you're being ripped off. :-)

  • Can NetBeans be used as an infrastructure for applications, just like Eclipse RCP?
    Yes, definitely. NATO and Boeing and many other organizations use it exactly like that: https://platform.netbeans.org/screenshots.html

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