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  • November 15, 2016

Top 5 Features of Oracle Application Container Cloud

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

I asked Shaun Smith, product manager of Oracle Application Container Cloud (ACC), what he considers its top 5 features to be.

He responded with this list:

  1. Polyglot platform. Use the language of your choice. Today we
    have Java SE, Node.js, PHP, and will be adding support for Java
    EE WAR deployment, as well as Python and Ruby. We're open to
    supporting other languages if the demand is there.

  2. Open platform. Run anything. This is an ideal platform for
    running open source stacks and containers like Tomcat, Jetty,
    Express, etc.

  3. Elastic. Applications can be scaled in/out and up/down to meet
    demand. Auto-scaling is coming soon so that, based on metrics, scaling actions can be triggered.

  4. Integrated with Oracle Developer Cloud Service. Handy for end-to-end continuous
    integration, build, test, and deployment.

  5. Integrated with Oracle Public Cloud ecosystem. This combination is ideal
    for building cloud native (microservice style) applications that
    need messaging, storage, etc.

Also, Java SE Advanced is included, i.e., you're able to interact with Flight
Recorder under the Admin tab.  Once there, you'll see "Recordings".  The help text explains what you can do. The best strategy in production is to turn on Flight Recorder in "continuous" mode so that it is recording all the time, keeping a 
user-specified amount of data/minutes of data. Then, in ACCS, one can
trigger the dump of this data if any anomalous behavior is
detected. From ACCS, you can download Flight Recorder data dumps and
open in Mission Control on your desktop.

Watch Shaun in action here, where he provides a really great overview of the key features of ACC:

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