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  • April 4, 2011

The 200th NetBeans Platform Screenshot

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
I recently noticed that there are currently 198 screenshots in the NetBeans Platform Showcase. These screenshots indicate that the NetBeans Platform is being used in every imaginable sector, from the aerospace/defence and enterprise/corporate world to the fields of scientific research, healthcare, finance, and software development. And there are, in fact, many more than 200, since many NetBeans Platform applications are of a confidential nature (e.g., most providers of banking software and military applications are not so eager to talk about their software architectures).

So I announced the Be The 200th Screenshot on the Screenshots Page competition, on the dev mailing list. Some really impressive applications turned up, none of which are on the screenshots page yet:

  • Kuwaiba, the open source network inventory application by Charles Bedón et al (interviewed here) from Colombia:

  • Data Link Reference System, a tool for determining interoperability compliancy of tactical messaging for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF):

  • Vertex, an engineering system simulation tool coupling the power and flexibility of Modelica modelling to parametric CAD, spreadsheets and control system design software, bridging the gap between engineering design and simulation:

  • Converge, the first and only dedicated version control and history analysis tool for Modelica models:

  • Sweet Home 3D, an interior design application from Argentina:

  • ZEBRA, an internal application created by EADS:

  • IMS Trace, a tool for processing seismological waveforms recorded in the seismic systems of mines by the Institute of Mine Seismology in Stellenbosch, South Africa:

  • Saddle (interview about it here), an open source extension of the Mule enterprise service bus, allowing the graphical configuration, administration and monitoring of the Mule system.

  • CCRM Radio Monitoring Toolkit Framework, an all-in-one Belgium-based radio monitoring platform:

Clearly, none of these can be described as trivial/toy applications. And I'm sure all of them will benefit in one way or another from the upcoming JavaFX Java APIs.

But not everyone working on Java desktop applications is actually on the dev mailing list, so some may have missed the announcement of the competition. Hence, this is an announcement that the deadline for this competition is extended to the end of April. Anyone who has a NetBeans Platform application that is not yet on the screenshots page is welcome to leave a comment here or contact me directly at geertjan dot wielenga at oracle dot com. Or, better still, write a blog entry entitled "My Entry for the 200th NetBeans Platform Screenshot Competition"! (And then tweet it.)

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