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  • April 16, 2007

Some Advances in the NBWebWorkSupport Module

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
I've added a few things to the NBWebWorkSupport module. First, I've put most of the samples from the 2.2.4 WebWork distribution into the New Project wizard as samples:

For example, the ShoppingCart sample is pretty cool. Here's how it looks in the Projects window:

Just run it and it deploys (because the module registers the applicable JARs in the Library Manager) straight away, with this result:

In addition, there are also two file templates, one creates a simple 'Hello World' Action, while the other creates a 'Login' Action...

The related Action elements are not added to the xwork.xml file by the wizard, because it's so easy to do via the menu items that appear on all Java nodes within a WebWork project, with one recent change—the deregistration menu item now shows the number of Actions that are registered:

That's it. A next step is to fix some problems with the hyperlinks and to add some new features, such as those suggested by hantsy in the comments in my last blog entry—a visual editor for the xwork.xml file and integration of the xwork.xml file in the Configuration Files node.

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