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  • October 8, 2011

Small NetBeans Visual Library ConnectionWidget Sample

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Small ConnectionWidget sample, within the constructor of a TopComponent:

setLayout(new BorderLayout());
Scene scene = new Scene();
LayerWidget baseLayer = new LayerWidget(scene);
LayerWidget connectionLayer = new LayerWidget(scene);
LabelWidget helloLabel1 = new LabelWidget(scene, "hello1");
helloLabel1.setPreferredLocation(new Point(10, 50));
LabelWidget helloLabel2 = new LabelWidget(scene, "hello2");
helloLabel2.setPreferredLocation(new Point(100, 50));
ConnectionWidget connectionWidget = new ConnectionWidget (scene);
connectionWidget.setSourceAnchor (AnchorFactory.createRectangularAnchor(helloLabel1));
connectionWidget.setTargetAnchor (AnchorFactory.createRectangularAnchor(helloLabel2));
connectionLayer.addChild (connectionWidget);
add(scene.createView(), BorderLayout.CENTER);

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Comments ( 2 )
  • faroq Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    Thank you, I am just asking, how can we use a graph ended with cicles and connected by lines. The widgets have to be movable, editable and renderable in case of zooming.

    Any help is appreaciated.

  • Filipe Macedo Friday, November 9, 2012

    Hi, Geertjan! Can you please help me ? I have to make a ConnectionWidget's endpoint to move around the connected LabelWidget.

    Thank you!

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