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  • July 25, 2015

Setting Up an Environment for Cassandra/NetBeans Integration Development

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

After JCrete, a problem in continuing to work on the NetBeans/Cassandra plugin was that I didn't have Sven Reimers sitting next to me with his Cassandra cluster to which I connected for test data. So I had to set up a Cassandra cluster myself. Not a big problem with these instructions. Then I used the Cassandra Shell to create a keyspace, as described here. I liked the video data that Sven had available, so I used these Cassandra query scripts to recreate those, again via the Cassandra shell.

I also found the DataStax OpsCenter handy for taking a look at the structures I had created at this point:

Since I now had a running Cassandra cluster with live data, I was able to continue developing the plugin for NetBeans. As you can see, I can see the various structures from Cassandra in NetBeans, with some enhancements from last time, such as that the system keyspaces are separated from the user keyspaces (which will enable separate functionality for the user keyspaces) and that the data types are shown on the column nodes:

Next step is to find a nicer way to display the data from the user keyspaces. As you can see above, right now, everything is printed (neatly) into the Output window, ultimately some kind of grid is needed, maybe some kind of JavaFX component.

But the main win for the moment is that I now have a Cassandra cluster set up, with real data, that can be used while I continue developing the NetBeans plugin for Cassandra.

All the code for the plugin is available here: https://github.com/GeertjanWielenga/NetCassandraBeans

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  • Kenneth Saturday, July 25, 2015

    Found yours information very usefull, thanks !

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