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  • February 5, 2009

Results of the NetBeans Platform Student Quiz 1

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
One benefit of attending a NetBeans Platform Certified Training is that you are able to join a private mailing list where students can share/discuss common problems relating to their certification projects. (If you have taken the course and are not on the list, let me know and I will add you!) The list also hosts a NetBeans Platform quiz, the first of which has come to an end. Below are the questions, together with the correct answers.

  1. What is the name of the NetBeans API class that creates a new window in the NetBeans Platform?

  2. Where in my module do I set the name and location of the "layer.xml" file, which defines a module's contributions to the System Filesystem?

  3. Name the only 5 modules that every NetBeans Platform application MUST have?

  4. Why do I not need to define a Main method in my NetBeans Platform application?

  5. I want to use a class from another module. What must be true for this to be possible?

  6. How do I delete the "Help" menu from my NetBeans Platform application?

  7. I want to initialize something when a module installs. Which NetBeans API class do I need?

  8. I have a cool library with many interesting classes that I'd like to integrate into my NetBeans Platform application. What must I do?

  9. I want to create a new panel in the Options window in my NetBeans Platform application. In the New File dialog, which file template must I select?

  10. I want to change the splash screen of my NetBeans Platform application. What must I do?

Before looking at the answers (at the end of this blog entry), test yourself and see if you know the answers on your own!

There were several really good responses from the students mailing list ("and you are all winners"). The best (i.e., most precise, most detailed) responses, however, resulting in the winners of the competition, are:

  • First prize: Miloš Šilhánek, Czech Republic, wins a signed copy of "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform".

  • Second prize: Ahmed Ramadan, Egypt, wins a NetBeans t-shirt and a NetBeans pen.

Don't be discouraged if you didn't win, just take part in the next one! The next quiz will be announced on the mailing list on Monday (and will be quite a bit more challenging).

Feeling left out because you're not able to be on the students mailing list because you didn't/can't attend the NetBeans Platform Certified Training? Well, first consider whether you're not interested in taking a course after all. (Just write to users AT edu DOT netbeans DOT org and invite us and one or more of our many trainers should, in most cases, be available in one way or another. If you're not in one of the general areas where trainers are found, it might be a bit harder, however.) No worries, once the on-line training is released, these quizes will be held on the course's mailing list too.

The answers are: (1) TopComponent; (2) manifest.mf; (3) Bootstrap, Filesystem API, Module System API, Startup, Utilities API; (4) Because the NetBeans runtime container provides it; (5) Package must be exposed and the other module must depend on the module providing it; (6) right-click the Help menu in the explorer view, choose Delete, and "_hidden" element is created in the layer.xml; (7) ModuleInstall; (8) create "Library Wrapper Module"; (9) Options Panel; (10) right-click application, choose Properties, and use "Splash Screen" tab.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Sashi Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Hi All,

    I have a situation where I need to create several standalone netbeans Modules and create different RCP applications. However, Netbeans does not allow me to add a module to more than 1 RCP application.

    Any suggestions ?

    Thank you

  • Geertjan Wielenga Friday, April 10, 2009

    It does in 6.7, Sashi!

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