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  • September 25, 2012

Restoring OutlineView Changes

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Spent the last afternoons working with Ruben Hinojo, who I met recently at the Tinkerforge/NetBeans integration course
in Germany. He's Spanish, lives in Scotland, and joined the course by
flying from Edinburgh to Amsterdam and then driving from there to the
course in Germany. Since then he spent some days in Amsterdam and we've
been working a bit in a cafe in Amsterdam.

He's working freelance on a freight management system on the NetBeans Platform and here's a pic of him and his application:

I showed him a few things to improve the initial appearance of the
application, such as removing the unneeded tab in the editor position
and displaying data at startup so that the main window isn't empty

He, in turn, told me about something I didn't know about, where "freightViewer" below is an OutlineView:

void writeProperties(java.util.Properties p) {
    // better to version settings since initial version as advocated at
    // http://wiki.apidesign.org/wiki/PropertyFiles
    p.setProperty("version", "1.0");
    freightViewer.writeSettings(p, "FreightViewer");
void readProperties(java.util.Properties p) {
    String version = p.getProperty("version");
    freightViewer.readSettings(p, "FreightViewer");

The "OutlineView.read/writeSettings" enables you to save/restore
changes to an OutlineView, e.g., column width, column position, and
which columns are displayed/hidden.

In the user dir, within the .settings file of the TopComponent (in
config/Windows2Local/Components), you'll then find content like this, where the "FreightViewer" argument above is now the prefix of the name of each property element:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE properties PUBLIC "-//org.ruben.viewer//RubenViewer//EN" "http://www.netbeans.org/dtds/properties-1_0.dtd">
    <property name="FreightViewerOutlineViewOutlineColumn-1-shortDescription" value="Type"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-1-HeaderValue" value="Type"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerColumnsNumber" value="3"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-0-PreferredWidth" value="75"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-2-HeaderValue" value="Description"/>
    <property name="version" value="1.0"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-2-SortRank" value="0"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-2-Width" value="122"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-0-ModelIndex" value="0"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-1-Width" value="123"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerHiddenColumnsNumber" value="0"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-0-SortRank" value="0"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-1-ModelIndex" value="1"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-1-PreferredWidth" value="75"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-0-Ascending" value="true"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-2-ModelIndex" value="2"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-1-Ascending" value="true"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-2-PreferredWidth" value="75"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-1-SortRank" value="0"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-0-HeaderValue" value="Nodes"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-2-Ascending" value="true"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerETableColumn-0-Width" value="122"/>
    <property name="FreightViewerOutlineViewOutlineColumn-2-shortDescription" value="Description"/>

NB: However, note as described in this issue,
i.e., since 7.2, hiding a column isn't persisted and in fact causes
problems. I replaced the org-openide-explorer.jar with a previous one,
from 7.1.1, and then the problem was solved. But now the enhancements in
the OutlineView since 7.2 are no longer present, of course. So, looking
forward to seeing this problem fixed.

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  • Sabin Wednesday, September 26, 2012


    A good trick.

    I am trying to do it with an outlineview conected to a root node displying data in database. But the OutlineView does not restore the content of the columns. The treeView in the left side is restored with all data in the database table, but the columns have no content. Data are displayed only in the tree

    Comments will be very appreciate


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