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  • November 27, 2014

Red Hat OpenShift (Part 2)

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

After part 1, Cojan van Ballegooijen from Red Hat, with a little bit of input from my side, got quite a bit further with the Red Hat OpenShift plugin today. After selecting Red Hat OpenShift in the Cloud Provider dialog, shown below...

...the dialog below appears, i.e., when you click Next above. The UI you see below is 100% the same as the equivalent dialog in JBoss Developer Studio, with thanks to Cojan van Ballegooijen from Red Hat:

Right now, the Username and Password fields work as one would expect, while all the other UI components above aren't backed with business logic yet, i.e., those parts don't function at all yet and are just there as placeholders at the moment.

When Finish is clicked, the OpenShift Java Client (version 2.6.0) is used to make the connection. The result is shown below, i.e., all the domains (in this case, only one domain is assigned to the user) and all the applications within the domains (in this case, there's a single application within the domain) are shown in a hierarchy within the Cloud node in the Services window:

Plus, when you hover with your mouse over the application node, you see the related URL.

So, right now, the Red Hat OpenShift plugin lets you connect to OpenShift and display your domains and applications. That's all, though a promising stage to be at.

Something like this could be where we're heading:

The plugin is found, and under active development, here:


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