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  • November 18, 2014

Red Hat OpenShift

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

When you're thinking about creating a NetBeans plugin for your favorite technology, there's not much that hasn't been created already, in one way or another. For example, want to create a NetBeans plugin for your web framework? Not a problem, just look at all the open source projects, as well as the NetBeans source code, to see how tools for PrimeFaces, Wicket, Tapestry, etc etc, have been implemented. Want to create a NetBeans plugin for your favorite application server? No problem at all, just look at the code of the other application server plugins and then you can, as Emmanual Hugonnet and other guys at Red Hat have done, create a plugin for WildFly, etc.

And so Cojan van Ballegooijen and others in the Red Hat community interested in NetBeans integration for OpenShift don't need to worry, either, since there are several NetBeans plugins already for cloud providers, e.g., Oracle Cloud, Amazon Beanstalk, and Jelastic. Thanks to a bit of refactoring of the Amazon Beanstalk plugin, which is open sourced since it is part of the NetBeans sources, here's the start of the OpenShift plugin:

The basic infrastructure shown above is in place and can be found here:


It should probably be put on GitHub so that anyone can clone it and then fill in all the OpenShift-specific settings, e.g., the logic for connecting to the OpenShift services, the logic for deploying to OpenShift, and the logic for displaying the artifacts deployed to OpenShift. And all that can be based on the Amazon Beanstalk code, too.

And all thanks to open source, without which none of the above would be possible. 

Related issue: https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=227440

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