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  • February 15, 2007

Putting Some Faces To Names

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Ruth Kusterer..? Tinu..? Tori..? "Who are these people?" (As Seinfeld might exclaim in his typical Seinfeldian cry of anguish.) Well, worry no more. Here are two pics taken last night in a pub here in Prague where I hung out with some of my colleagues. Tori is the Managing Editor of www.netbeans.org. She's based in the US, as is David Botterill, who is the evangelist for the Visual Web Pack. David is working on a very interesting project, which will be revealed in the coming weeks. Both Tori and David are in town this week (i.e., in Prague), and I had the honor of hanging out with them and a few others last night. Ruth, the 'web mistress' (is that her official function description, probably not) was there, as well as Tinu (who runs the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter), and Web Jan (who is called "Web Jan" because there are so many other Jans in this building), who develops the technical side of www.netbeans.org, together with Jack. So, in fact, most people there were from the NetBeans Web Team.

To see 'who is who', just click on a pic and it will zoom in and then you'll see the names. (If you are reading this in planetnetbeans.org, you will not see any pics. You need to be inside my blog entry to see them.)

Could this be the first of a very long series of occasional 'putting faces to names' blog entries? Only time will tell...

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