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  • October 26, 2008

Poznan & Gdansk: NetBeans Day, Poland

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
I've spent the weekend with Karol Harezlak, Toni Epple, and Adam Bien in Poland—specifically in Poznan and Gdansk, because these two cities constituted the locations of NetBeans Day, Poland. It was a pretty excellent time. Both days had a very strong focus on the NetBeans Platform, which was pretty cool. The trip to these places was pretty long (Karol drove the whole way), with me being the GPS, together with Karol's iPhone. Parts of the time the whole map disappeared (thanks Steve Jobs) and I had to try and keep a green dot on a purple line without knowing anything about where we were (the green dot was the car and the purple line was the route from the office in Prague to the hotel in Poznan and then a day later from Poznan to a hotel in Gdansk). The drive from Poznan to Gdansk with Adam and Toni in the back seat was especially memorable.

The time spent at the two events was really good. Toni's presentation on 'Porting a Swing Application to the NetBeans Platform' was excellent—a good follow up to my 'Creating an Application on the NetBeans Platform'. Toni's real life experiences in this context are great—much better if someone 'out there' (i.e., unaffiliated to Sun) says nice things about the NetBeans Platform than when I do so. Then there was Adam Kędziora in Poznan who talked about the NetBeans Platform too, in the context of his Innovator Grant project. He even discussed the Lookup API in some detail, which was pretty cool. Adam Bien was excellent with all his EJB-oriented demos and his very interactive presentation style. Jacek Laskowski from the NetBeans Dream Team did a presentation on a more advanced level to Adam's (they'd decided that beforehand and, on some points, during Adam's presentation). It was the 1st time for me to meet Jacek, who was great. (Hope to meet again soon, maybe in Warszawa?) Also, Adam Dudczak did a great presentation on VisualVM, including—an introduction to its APIs, as well as a demo of a plugin he made for VisualVM using those APIs. In addition, there were several other presentations too, all in Polish (apart from Toni, Adam, and me), such as the ones by Karol on Java ME development. As a sidenote, I started remembering more and more of my Polish (from several years ago when I studied it for no reason).

Ubuntu completely failed me both days and fortunately I had my presentation on a USB stick, so was able to deliver it on Karol's Mac. Unfortunately I couldn't do some of my demos though and I wasn't overly familiar with the Mac, which didn't make everything as smooth as it should have been. Honestly, despite everything else, I'm very close to giving up on Ubuntu completely. Aside from the continuing projector cable problems, it also refused to start up at some point, with very odd and scary messages. Then it suddenly started working again. Very erratic behavior. I suspect that there's a script that detects whether a projector cable is plugged in and, if "yes", a massive internal error is intentionally thrown just to give you stress for no reason. That's the only logical explanation I can think of.

There's one very interesting thing (even, dare I say it, revolutionary) I worked on in the breaks in between the sessions, something that I'll be creating a screencast about as soon as we find our way back to Prague (long way from Gdansk to Prague and the road will be purple and the dot will be green). Clue about that screencast—it's about Groovy and it's also about the NetBeans Platform. Watch this space for the details.

Finally, thanks to everyone who we met along the way, especially Adam and Kasia (what a great way to start our time in Poland that was) in Poznan and Kuba in Gdansk, as well as, of course, all the speakers, and Toni and Adam for flying to join us from Munich. I'm looking forward to the many photos and movies that were made and taken the last few days! Watch this space for those too.

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Comments ( 10 )
  • Roman Strobl Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Hi Geertjan, maybe it's time to switch to an operating system produced by your employer :)

  • Geertjan Wielenga Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Sure, if you're going to show me how to get on-line now that I have it as dual boot with Ubuntu?

  • Geertjan Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Plus, can you PROVE (or, at least, give me some kind of evidence) that I will not have issues anymore with projectors? Otherwise, I am moving to the Mac. The situation is simple: I can't go on doing presentations (to JUGs, NetBeans Days, training sessions, conferences, etc) with an 80% chance (current statistic) that I will fail to porject successfully. I have seen the Mac succeed at this 100% of the time. So, if you can show that I will succeed 90% of the time with OpenSolaris, then I will (VERY happily) go with that, otherwise I will go with the Mac. Windows, for me, is not an option. I'd rather stop giving presentations altogether.

  • Sebastian Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Agree with you on those points. Solaris needs to prove itself better than Ubuntu before it can be taken seriously.

  • Piotr Monday, October 27, 2008

    Roman, are you saying Geerttjan should run on Solaris only because he works for Sun?

  • Mariusz Monday, October 27, 2008

    Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10)


    "X.Org 7.4, the latest stable version of X.Org, is available in Intrepid. This release brings much better support for hot-pluggable input devices such as tablets, keyboards, and mice. At the same time this will allow the great majority of users to run without a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. A new failsafe X is introduced, to give better tools for troubleshooting X startup failures."

  • Maciej Monday, October 27, 2008

    Hey, here are some photos I've taken during the event:


    (I may still post some more)

  • Geertjan Wielenga Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Thanks for the comments, all. Piotr, that's great info, thanks. Maciej -- nice pics! Yes, put some more up, those ones look great.

  • Geertjan Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    PS: Sorry, not Piotr, nut Mariusz.

  • Geertjan Wielenga Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    PS: Sorry, not nut but but...

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