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  • July 19, 2007

Peppy in the Plugin Portal

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Toni made the start of the Peppy module available in the Plugin Portal (click here). One reason why I was hoping he'd do so is that I wanted to learn from his GlassPane code, because he now has Peppy in a dragable format, so that one can drag him around the entire frame of the IDE. Or your own application. That's quite fun. And a variety of random tips bubble from his mouth:

When you click the "More..." link in the speech bubble, you're taken straight to Kirk's Performance site, from whence his tips originate. How cool is that? I adapted Toni's code while playing with the JEditorPane I talked about yesterday and now it can be dragged around the IDE, just like Peppy:

However, of course, now that windows are undockable, I could simply undock the NetBeans Java Editor and have the same effect as the above. Plus, the undocked Java Editor can be dragged out of the IDE's frame.

I'm looking forward to extending Peppy. Via the layer, other Peppys should be addable. Something like this in the layer should be possible, so that each Peppy could be provided in a separate module:

<folder name = "peppies">
<folder name ="peppy">
<file name ="peppy.gif"/>
<file name ="performance-tips.properties"/>
<folder name ="roman">
<file name ="roman.gif"/>
<file name ="ide-tips.properties"/>
<folder name ="tor">
<file name ="tor.gif"/>
<file name ="ruby-tips.properties"/>

As stated in Toni's blog (here), anyone can send a GIF of their favorite (programming) hero, with some of their helpful tips and other pearls of wisdom, and then they will be transformed into the next Peppy. Can you imagine a nicer birthday present for a fellow programming colleague, for example?

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