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  • September 27, 2006

Overnight Trip from Prague to Gottingen

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Roumen and I arrived in Gottingen, in Germany, at the university where we are doing NetBeans presentations today for the Source Talk Tage 2006. We drove through the night, leaving from Prague at 21.00, finally arriving in Gottingen sometime after 10.00 the next day. Roumen did all the driving, so he deserves many things, like a raise, a beer or two, and a special award (also because this wasn't the first time he went through such a night of driving for Sun). I did the so-called 'map reading', which often was not all that great. As a result, here are the notes I took during the trip, with some additions afterwards, but mostly exactly as written.

  • Tuesday, 26 September 2006
    • 21.12. Left the building. In Roumen's car, about an hour after we should have left. Estimated time of arrival at hotel in Eisenach, Germany: 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. Getting to the conference is going to be easy from the hotel, about an hour. But getting to the hotel is going to take most of the time, since it is in Germany, while we are in the Czech Republic. So we have no time to lose.
    • 3 minutes later. Roumen tanking and getting food.
    • 21.27. We are near the airport. "The airport is on the left, actually," comments Roumen.
    • Some time later. Too dark to write. Comment from Roumen: "I've played a lot of dungeons and dragons, so I'm quite good with maps."
    • Some minutes later. Roumen asks: "Is Chomutov part way to Chemnitz?" A very uneven and bumpy road ensues. Roumen says: "This road is kind of jumpy."
    • 22.18. Arrival in Chomutov. "It's not a very nice city," Roumen says tourguidingly, "Heavy industry. This is the area where coal is dug out of the ground."
    • 22.23. "We are getting into mountains, I think," says Roumen, "because we're going all the way up."
    • 22.30. Somewhere outside Chomutov. Me getting tired. Roumen stops and gets Red Bull. Tankstation seems deserted but turns out to be open.
    • 22.43. Arrival in Germany. Czech border guard and German border guard show each other our passports and wave us through. 43 km to Chemnitz.
    • 22.51. Marienberg. Roumen: "And... I don't know which way we are going now."
    • Some time later. Chemnitz. Spent 45 minutes looking for the highway to Erfurt. Found all the other ones, but not the one we need.
    • 23.55. Hurray. Found the highway. "This will bring us straight to our beds," comments Roumen.

  • Wednesday, 27 September 2006
    • 0.07. "Next time I need to organize the JUG on a different day," says Roumen, thinking about the JUG event held in Prague which necessitated our late departure.
    • 0.47. Raining.
    • 1.47. Arrival in Eisenach and, a bit later, at hotel. Wow, getting to the hotel was wacky. So much for signposts! None to be found, apart from obscure and contradictory ones. Chemnitz, especially, deserves the award for the place with the worst signposting ever. The hotel is pretty cool.
    • 7.30. Up and bathed (great bath in this hotel). Did some last preparations for presentations.
    • 8.15. Met Roumen for breakfast. Good breakfast, scrambled eggs, sausages, yoghurt, and so on.
    • Around 8.45. Off to Gottingen. This part should have been easy, because there's a highway going straight there, apart from one exit that we needed to take, that we missed, as a result of which we ended up on a different highway going in the opposite direction. Fortunately we found another exit after a bit of panic.
    • Around 10.00. Arrival in Gottingen and our map was very accurate getting us to the university. The place, i.e., the town itself, looks really beautiful, old and so on. Met Sun's Hartmut Kaiser very easily in the building, then joined Jens Trapp's session on performance tuning.

Fortunately there's wireless internet here, so I'm sitting in the back of the lab in the mathematics department, while Jens continues his presentation to about 15 people. Next up is Roumen, then me, then Roumen again, and then me again. Roumen gets the award for best overnight driver who never lost patience with his poorman's navigator, i.e., me.

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