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  • December 18, 2015

Oracle WebLogic Server in the Cloud with NetBeans IDE

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Today my colleague Frank Brink introduced me to Oracle WebLogic Server in the Oracle Cloud, while I introduced him to NetBeans IDE.

Here you see in the Services window that I have made a connection to the server, which is made available by the Oracle Java Cloud Service. We also deployed two applications to the server in the Cloud, the ones highlighted below, from NetBeans IDE, while the others below were already there:

The view in NetBeans above is an accurate reflection of the deployed apps, which I can see in the browser, by looking at the Administration Console of Oracle WebLogic Server in the Cloud:

However, there are 4 managed server instances, while from NetBeans IDE you're not able to see or select them. I.e., NetBeans IDE needs to have an extra subnode within the server's node in the Services window to show the server instances, as well as the possibility to select the one you want to deploy to:

In the absence of the above functionality, applications deployed from NetBeans IDE are always deployed to the first instance, which can inconveniently end up being an administration instance, as you can see below:

However, after deployment, you can reconfigure the instance to which an application is deployed, i.e., you can correct deployment so that the correct instance is used.

Nevertheless, NetBeans IDE needs to have more finegrained support for server instances, as outlined above, and I'll be making an issue about this soon.

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