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  • November 4, 2016

Oracle JET: Where Is My Home?

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Since the past few days, if you've been creating Oracle JET applications via the "Oracle JET QuickStart Basic" template, i.e., in NetBeans IDE via the wizard below...

...you might have been asking yourself: "Where is my home?" I.e., look below, there's no "home" module, that is, no "home.js" and no "home.html":

Not to worry, at all! What's happened is that we're now using the "navdrawer" template for the "Oracle JET QuickStart Basic" wizard, so that you end up with the file structure shown above, which looks as follows when opened in the browser:

The template is a bit different to how it used to be, with "home" and "library" and "performance" etc, though the content and underlying architecture is the same. Just a different layout, different modules, etc, not a different architecture, at all.

Essentially, the "dashboard" module is now the new "home" module, when you see references to "home" in Oracle JET tutorials and so on, just use the "dashboard" module instead.

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