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Five Typical Responses From Oracle JET's Unofficial World Tour

Here are, off the top of my head, the 5 typical responses, from my point of view, from the past months of running around the world introducing Oracle JET.

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Oracle as an Agent of Social Change

Together with my colleague JB Brock I've spent the past week in South Africa. Last year, with Andrejus Baranovskis from Oracle partner Red Samurai Consulting, I did something similar—introducing Oracle's new modern vision on application development and user interface design to a range of Oracle partners and customers, including to Oracle staff in the the local Oracle offices, too.  A pic of a few of them is below, taken in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. Just like the...

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Oracle JET in South Africa

Recently I had an excellent time with Andrejus Baranovskis from Red Samurai Consulting, in South Africa, visiting a number of Oracle partners and customers. A pic of a few of them (we literally had about 5 engagements a day for a week, in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town, in some cases with multiple organizations simultaneously): In each session, we introduced Oracle JET and explained how it fits into other Oracle technologies, such as ABCS, ACCS, JCS, MCS, and more. In...

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From Knockout to Vue in Oracle JET

Watch a small unofficial experiment of using Vue.js in the context of Oracle JET applications:

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Migrating to Oracle JET in 10 Minutes

Watch and learn for 10 minutes as you're shown the key principles of moving frontend JavaScript apps to the free and open source architecture provided by Oracle JET:

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jquery-stockquotes and Oracle JET

Here's https://github.com/ajwhite/jquery-stockquotes integrated into an Oracle JET application: Steps: Somehow download https://github.com/ajwhite/jquery-stockquotes, e.g., via Bower. In "main.js" include a reference: 'jqueryui-stockquotes': 'libs/jquery-stockquotes/dist/jquery.stockquotes', In your module, reference 'jqueryui-stockquotes' in your define block and in your "self.handleAttached" include the following: $('.stock-quote').stockQuote(); In the view, include...

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