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  • October 28, 2014

Oracle FLEXCUBE Development WorkBench for Direct and Mobile Banking

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Back in July last year, I wrote about a brief visit to Oracle India. More specifically, the visit was to part of the team working on Oracle FLEXCUBE, which is "a comprehensive, integrated, interoperable, and modular solution that enables banks to manage evolving customer expectations".

An important tool in the suite of FLEXCUBE applications is called "Oracle FLEXCUBE Development WorkBench for Direct and Mobile Banking".

It is an integrated development environment for Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking (FCDB) Development. The IDE provides the platform to the user to perform the following operations:

  • Write FCDB Business Services using the predefined FCDB Java Project Template in the IDE.
  • Design FCDB Screens. 
  • CSS and Image Editing. 
  • Transaction and Service Registration into FCDB Database Tables.

Since the visit last year, Vivek Kumar and a team of developers working with him have rearchitected the above application to the following:

Clearly, the application is based on the NetBeans Platform. Not only that. It is based on NetBeans IDE, that is, it includes the Java editor, JavaScript editor, HTML editor, and much more. The idea behind the rearchitecting of the application on top of NetBeans was to end up with a single, coherent, comprehensive solution, while leveraging existing technologies within Oracle, rather than reinventing the wheel. Prior to the rearchitected application, users, i.e., operators at banks, had to make use of different applications to do the work described above. Now, they have a single environment.

The above information is publicly available, here, in two new Oracle documents written over the past year, especially if you want to see many screenshots of, especially, Oracle-branded wizards that are used throughout this application to generate various kinds of artifacts:

The application is part of the Flexcube Direct Banking 12.0.3 release and available as a part of FCDB installer on the Oracle Cloud. It is translated into Chinese, French, Spanish, and German. Two other languages that would be relevant to have for this application would be Vietnamese and Arabic.

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