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  • July 24, 2006

Open Sourcing My Laundry Basket

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Last week the Music NotePad I was working on had notes that look like this:

But, since an hour, the notes are much improved:

Not only that, but notice that there's now also a 16th note! And, what you can't see is that a bunch of under-the-hood functionality has been fixed. And that's all because...

...Pierre Matthijs, from Belgium, subscribed to the nbjfuguesupport open source project on dev.java.net, which is where I've open sourced the Music NotePad. And he's been very actively contributing already! He explicitly subscribed to the project because, in his words: "One of the reasons for which I subscribed; although I did some experiments in the past, I never succeeded in writing a Rich Client application on top of Netbeans. An aspect that interests me enormously !!"

Open source rocks. This application is going to grow really quickly, Pierre learning about the NetBeans Platform and me learning about some of the more detailed intricacies of Java. I'd never heard of Pierre until last week and now he's an active contributor to the Java process, all because of open source.

So, next I'm going to open source my laundry basket. That way, others will be able to learn about the process of doing laundry (which can be quite tricky, involving surprisingly subtle complexities, so don't miss this great opportunity), while I get clean clothes. It's definitely a win-win situation, so drop me an e-mail if you're interested!

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