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  • May 29, 2014

New: Online NetBeans 8 Crash Course

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

On Twitter today I came across an announcement for a brand new on-line course in NetBeans 8. Since NetBeans 8 has been released during the past few months, the course is really very new. Go here to get there directly:


Here's the general idea. As you can see, the course is in German. With my basic understanding of German, I've had no problem in following the course. The trainer speaks clearly and slowly and everything is very well structured.

The course covers all the basics of NetBeans IDE. From getting set up to using all the key features. The quality of the videos is great and the content is clear and informative.

Once you've bought the course, all the lessons are unlocked. As you can see, they're all quite short and there's really a lot of content, didn't all fit into the screenshot:

Quite some work must have gone into this.

Here's one of the free lessons in the course, to give an idea of what you'll get:


This one is also free:


I highly recommend this course especially if you're switching, or thinking about switching, from a different IDE and want to get a thorough overview of all the features that NetBeans IDE provides. Everything in the course is done within NetBeans, which means no slides, just code. You get to see the workflow of all the standard tasks and, for these purposes, the course does a really great job.

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  • John Donner Friday, May 30, 2014

    Is there such a course in English?

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