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  • February 14, 2008

NetBeans Zone

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Some might know that I've been posting articles on Javalobby since some time last year. I've found it to be a great experience. The exposure your thoughts get out there is so much broader than within a language-specific or tool-specific community. The range of topics I've written on have been pretty broad and the number of people I've "met" (i.e., virtually) for interviews has been interesting.

Recently, Javalobby reconstituted itself, moving from a Java focus to something far broader. Beyond "just" Java, there are now areas (called "zones") for a number of other languages too, as well as technologies and tools. For example, there's http://java.dzone.com/, containing all the Java-specific content. But there's also http://groovy.dzone.com/ and http://ruby.dzone.com/, for example. Communities are forming around these zones, with the Groovy zone being a particularly good example.

Similarly, there's also http://netbeans.dzone.com/. NetBeans Zone focuses specifically on NetBeans-specific topics. As with all the other zones, there are "zone leaders", in our case being Tim, Arun, and myself. Zone Leaders are community members who participate regularly in the management of zones and they usually have significant interest and expertise in one or more of the topics covered by the zone in question and they enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. (Go here if you want to be a zone leader of any of the zones.)

So, this is an open invitation to submit articles to NetBeans Zone. Quite a few have done already, such as Gregg on the hidden hippie and Tim on reusing NetBeans plugins in standalone apps and in the IDE. Some of the content there is taken straight from the author's blog, by the author himself. There's nothing wrong with that, the benefit for you is that your thoughts and learnings will get more eyeballs that way. Other articles there are completely new. For example, do you know how to add resize functionality to applications based on the Visual Library? And do you know about the tools for adding color to web applications in NetBeans IDE? A cool thing is that there's lots of crosspollination between zones so that, for example, Steven from Groovy Zone's interview with Martin about his Groovy/Grails plugin is posted both in NetBeans zone and in Groovy zone. (Go here to read it.)

Here are some high level general guidelines for if you want to write articles for NetBeans Zone:

  • Upload a pic of yourself into your DZone user profile.
  • English only, please, and sorry.
  • Technical articles, or at least mostly-technical articles, are welcome. If your article has code, that's better than if it doesn't. No marketing stuff. If a technical programming person wouldn't enjoy reading it, then maybe you shouldn't post it on NetBeans Zone.
  • A post must not consist of little more than a link pointing somewhere else. The point of the story should be in the story itself.
  • Try and include at least one picture but not more than about three or four, unless adding more is absolutely functional to the story.
  • Try and keep your formatting simple. No numbered lists within numbered lists, for example.

Finally, why would you want to write articles for NetBeans Zone? Again, to share your new discoveries or your insights or whatever. It could be completely unique or it could be copy-pasted from your own blog or elsewhere. Before an article is accepted, one of the zone leaders needs to approve it. The points above are important in determining whether something is accepted and in 99% of the cases, there shouldn't be a problem on that score.

So, feel free to come over and join in and share your NetBeans discoveries at http://netbeans.dzone.com/!

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