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  • August 30, 2011

NetBeans Day Italy?

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

NetBeans Day Munich, held in June this year, was a really great success. Not only was the turnout great, but the range & quality of speakers was pretty impressive.

Ever since, I've been wondering where that event could be replicated. Having recently spent a week in Florence (well, Fiesole, which is better because less tourists and great views of Florence) and Sicily, related movie about a concert I attended there here, (as well as Naples last year) and personally not being averse to going back soon (seriously, is there a better food/nature continuum than in Italy), I'd say Italy would be a great place.

I also think in that direction because Fabrizio "blueMarine" Giudici is in Milan and a very interesting set of NetBeans Platform applications come from Italy. At least, off the top of my head, the following:

Since, time and time again, NetBeans Platform developers have proved to be the cornerstone of any (and, dare I say it, aside from the great Adam Bien, John Yeary, and Ryan de Laplante, every) event relating to NetBeans, I believe the developers of the above projects (and others like it) in Italy would be the basis of a NetBeans Day in Italy.

Now all we need is a location (I imagine Milan, since most of the above are from there, though I've never been to Rome, hint hint) and a list of at least about 20 or so NetBeans enthusiasts who'd like to attend. There'd be some demos about web development and GlassFish too, of course, as well as an overview of upcoming features in NetBeans IDE. Would be great to have some universities who use NetBeans in Italy participate in the event as well.

And, definitely, the attendees would be able to state their preferences for new features in upcoming releases, etc.

So, who's interested (and how soon can I have an excuse to go back to wonderful Italy again)?

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  • Enrico Scantamburlo Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Hi Geertjan,

    I think that Milan would be perfect also because we are closer to it. All Streamsim team is going to partecipate as we are looking forward to share ideas with other Italian NBPlatform Developers.

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