YouTube: Two Minute NetBeans Tip #1

I realized again, during the recent NetBeans Days in Athens, London, and Bangalore, that everyone appreciates quick NetBeans tips. In London, Mark and Zain provided those tips, in Athens it was Bethan and Georgia, while in Bangalore Aatul and Tushar did the honors. And, in each of those cases, the result was great and useful. So, I'm starting a new YouTube series on that topic, hopefully one a week, and to make it as simple and doable as possible am constraining it to...

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Software Adoption Surveys: From Quantity To Quality!

In a democracy, everyone is equal. One person, one vote, and all votes are equal since all people are equal. Erroneously, that approach is applied to software adoption surveys too. Anyone at all can respond to a survey and can indicate that they use software product X, Y, or Z. However, what if I am a student paddling in the shallow waters of software development, with the likelihood that I'll abandon it before I graduate, while you are a senior Java architect creating mission...

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JShell Integration in NetBeans IDE

I've blogged about the integration of the Java 9 JShell in NetBeans IDE before, here and here. In the latest daily builds, assuming you're running the daily build on top of Java 9, you'll see the top part of the JShell looks the way you'd like it, i.e., there's a nice code fold and the first statement is numbered 1, rather than 9 as it was initially, as can can be seen in the previous blog entries. Click to enlarge the below.   The JShell can be opened from Tools | Open Java...

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Running NetBeans IDE 9 Development Build on JDK 9 EA Build 162

For the adventurous, interesting times ahead since you're able to try out the NetBeans IDE 9 development build on top of JDK 9 EA, in my case, Build 162. When you configure that in your 'etc/netbeans.conf' file, the first thing you see on start up is this error, which appears to be related to the Darcula plugin that I'm using. Of course, since it's awesome despite this aspect for the moment, I'm using the Darcula plugin, which you can download and install from here, i.e.,...

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New: JDK 9 Jigsaw Modular Projects in NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans IDE 9 development builds now enable you to create Java Modular Projects, i.e., Jigsaw projects that can contain multiple Jigsaw modules, which can be compiled together as a unit: They're visualized as follows, for example, in this case, for the Jigsawified Anagram Game (discussed here): Details:  http://wiki.netbeans.org/JDK9Support http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jigsaw/quick-start https://github.com/GeertjanWielenga/JigsawJavaModularProjectSamples

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Software at Delta Air Lines

A few days ago, not long after flying with Delta to Atlanta for DevNexus, and benefiting from a Delta upgrade and bathing in the luxury of Delta business class, I spent some time at Delta's Operational Control Center (OCC). I was able to do that thanks to Graeme Ingleby, a senior developer at Delta who has been exploring the benefits of the NetBeans Platform for quite some time and has attended JavaOne over the past years, including related events such as NetBeans Day...

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