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  • June 20, 2008

My First Plugin Officially in the Plugin Manager

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
In How to Get a Plugin into the Plugin Manager, I reported on the general process for promoting your plugin into the update center of the Plugin Portal. The Plugin Portal update center is registered in the 6.1 Plugin Manager by default, so that your plugin will be available to users, on an equal footing with all other plugins, but only if you manage to get your plugin into the Plugin Portal update center.

So a few days ago I noticed on my Zip NBMs plugin page on the Plugin Portal that a majority of the verifiers had positively verified it:

When I then went to the Plugin Manager, I made sure that the Plugin Portal update center is enabled:

And then... I saw my plugin in the Plugin Manager, for the 1st time!

Now I will never need to tell users to download the plugin from the Plugin Portal. They'll simply need to get it from the Plugin Manager.

By the way, I wonder if there's some convenient way in the plugin's Plugin Portal page to say "there's no need to click the Download button anymore". Maybe plugins that are available in the Plugin Portal need to have some clear message like that because simply the fact that something is noted as being verified is not enough information for the uninformed user to know that that means that the plugin is now automatically available in the Plugin Manager.

Today on NetBeans Zone. On NetBeans Zone, I interviewed Allan Harris, who is creating support for Python in NetBeans IDE. Click here to get to the interview and, if you like the interview, please vote it up (i.e., click the green arrow in the top left of the article) so that it will increase in popularity and draw more people's attention. Seems to me that Allan is doing some great work creating the Python support and I will be trying it out soon.

In other news. Remember the Breadcrumb plugin that Tim was making at the NetBeans booth in Manila a few days ago? Well, now it's become really sophisticated. Whenever you open a new document, it is added to the breadcrumb list, which is now in the bottom right of the IDE:

When you click any of the entries, the related document opens. When you hover over the entries, they scroll left and right automatically. When you right-click an entry, you get a popup with the options shown below:

Pretty cool stuff. It will be in the Plugin Portal soon! (In fact, here it is.)

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