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  • August 8, 2016

Most Unique Feature of NetBeans IDE!

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

What's NetBeans all about, what makes it special, why would anyone use NetBeans rather than something else, what are its key features, what distinguishes NetBeans from other tools, etc etc etc. Set aside those questions for a moment and take a look at this photo taken last week at JCrete:

That's a small part of the NetBeans community around the world, most of the above are members of the NetBeans Dream Team. And the enthusiasm that jumps out at you is why NetBeans is special. Yes, the Maven integration in NetBeans is awesome; yes, NetBeans makes working with Git a piece of cake; yes, if you're doing Java EE then NetBeans should really be your weapon of choice, etc etc etc. And NetBeans is also awesome when you build software on top of it.

But, beneath it all, is a group of fun people from all over the world—who have all kinds of different hobbies and interests, one of which is software development, which they all do in one way or another in/with/on NetBeans IDE.

In the pic, taken by Stephen Chin, are:

  • back row: Jose Pereda (Spain), John Kostaras (Greece), Paul Anderson (USA), Gail Anderson (USA), Jaroslav Tulach (Czech Republic), Kirk Pepperdine (Hungary), Sven Reimers (Germany), Timon Veenstra (Netherlands)
  • front row: Sven Ruppert (taking the place of Ivar Grimstad, who couldn't be found), Geertjan Wielenga (Netherlands), Toni "Crazy Screaming Guy" Epple (Germany), Zoran Sevarac (Serbia)

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