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  • September 2, 2006

Maps and Visual Library 2.0

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Where the Visual Library 2.0 really comes into its own is... with maps:

The complete map isn't visible in the main area, but the satellite view lets you move around the map very quickly and easily... and it shows you how much more of the map is present behind the scrollbars. Here, you can see Nelson being dragged into the mountains where Barney has already been dropped. (Simpsons trivia: There is strong evidence in at least one of the Simpsons episodes that Barney is Nelson's father.) And, here you can also see the usefulness of the Matisse 'contextual help assistant', in giving a user interface a clean yet helpful appearance.

But imagine that that map wasn't hardcoded into the application. Imagine it was... provided by a web service... (Full tutorial for implementing web services in NetBeans modules is found here.) Would that mean that we could bring the Google Map concept into a Swing application? Just thinking out loud. Only reason I haven't got very far with this is that tutorials on map web services are hard to find.

In other news. Sorry, no keyboard shortcut of the week this week... the Visual Library is just way too cool. Talking about keyboard shortcuts at this stage would be like talking about share prices at a carnival.

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