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  • October 1, 2005

Like Walking On The Edge? Try This Menu Item...

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Over and over again users have been told that it is safer to test a newly developed plug-in module in a new instance of the IDE. However, if you're sure that your plug-in is solid (or if you're demonstrating plug-in development), it would be much easier if you were able to load your plug-in right into the IDE you're using at the time. For one thing, it's much faster, because a new instance doesn't have to be started up. For another, it's quite impressive to see the result of your work right away. I've been doing exactly that all along, by creating an NBM file (one click, as explained in yesterday's blog entry) and then installing it via the Update Center. However, since very recently (one or two internal builds ago), there's now also a menu item that automates this process:

When you choose this item, though, you get a final chance to back out (with a very explicit message of the potential havoc you might be about to wreak):

One cool thing to note is that this new menu item is not only for installing, but also for reloading. This means that after you've installed it in your development IDE, you can continue working on the code, then reload it. Then, right away, the previously installed plug-in is uninstalled, the new version is installed, and you see the effect instantaneously. Not bad, huh. But don't complain when things fall apart and the center cannot hold.

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